"Salty" - freshly minted rock mix

Hey guys and gals… Here’s a mix I’ve just completed for a client - keen to get your thoughts. Please give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Here is the updated mix with the band’s changes and a few other little tweaks suggested here:


Sounds great and translates perfect in my room.Nice tight bottom and nice use of verbs,.

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Cool Alan -Thanks for giving it a listen - much appreciated!

O wow!! I can only listen on earbuds tonight - this is sounding really awesome!!
Love the intro - great tones to vox and guitar - and the quick full build… O that transition bit to guitar solo is stunning… 1.17 - masterful… and the thick wall of sound has great separation plus the song picks me up and carries me… mmm, great bit again at 2.20 with that vocal solo bit… o yum…
hah… how can I bash this? I just want to rave… ahh, I know, that guitar distortion at the very end (left pan) felt a teeny bit too loud… [cheesy grin]

Love how you have treated the vocals, he sounds amazing… and the contrasts in texture and volume are compelling and slick. An inspiring listen ta…


Cool, thanks Emma! Good to know it works on ear buds.

I always enjoy mixing their stuff, but this song was particularly good fun, with the massive contrasts in the arrangement. The built-in dynamics make my job easier! :grinning:

Killer from start to finish. As a great man would say, Top job! :clap: Stamp this sucker, it’s radio-ready.

Question: Can you divulge some details about that clean guitar solo (and I agree with @Emma about how awesome it is at 1:17)? What kind of guitar and treatment? The sound of that instrument is truly beautiful. :heart:

PS, I listened on my AT QuietPoint noise-cancelers. I will listen again in the music room tonight, not to update my bash but just to dig the song thru the monitors. :grinning:

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Sounding good. I am wondering if you could blend a little distorted vocals in just help them cut through a touch more. It is close but I am not sure if it quiet there. I am just wanting a little of high mids coming from the vocals. no one else seems to be bothered so it may just be me.

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Thanks Dave! @Chordwainer Yeah, that is indeed a very tasty solo! The track was labelled “Gretsch”, so that would be the large semi hollowbody in theses photos… Not sure of the exact model - White Falcon?

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Thanks Eric - that’s a great idea. Depending on the mix notes I get back, I might just incorporate that idea into the next mix! Thanks!

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I like the song, the recording, certainly the fantastic solo and the bit of quiet in the middle of the song. And (just to be original) the ending, specially the way the bass just keeps on going and then mutates into a guitar.
Yes maybe a tiny little bit of distorted air could make the vocal stand out a bit more but don’t make it too poppy.
Good musicians you’re working with!

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Just listened to it on my Koss Porta’s - that’s a high compliment because I sat and listened to this song as a fan rather than a mixer analysing the song. This song gives me hope that I am on the right path - I could actually pick out things that you did to bring out the bass guitar (beautiful tone by the way), the clean guitar which is something I want to try out in one of my songs. The vocals really shine, and the panned guitars just fill up the sound stage. A very inspiring song to listen to - I will be studying it later on my monitors!

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Thanks Eef - yeah, these guys are on quite a bit of a creative roll at the moment. This is definitely one of their finest so far, both in terms of songwriting, arrangement, recording and performances. I’ve been mixing their stuff since they were at high school, so it’s really lovely to see the profession.

Thanks MP! Awesome, I know I love it when I listen to a track and just get absorbed in the song and forget about my analytical ear. I am always striving for that in my mixes, but I rarely (if ever) achieve it.

The clean guitar was proved as both an amp sound and a DI. The amp had a really dynamic, crystalline sound that was great, but lacking a little warmth and sustain, so I compressed it pretty heavily and ran the DI in parallel running into Scuffamamps S-Gear Fender Tweed Bassman model, just running at the point of very slight breakup. Mixing the 2 sounds together gave me the best of both worlds.

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so I listen on my Bluetooth speaker , studio and headphones it sounds stellar in all of them , really like this arrangement very full and great guitar sounds print it Andrew I wouldn’t touch a thing.

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Thanks Danny, that’s great to hear that it translates across all systems. I’ve been tweaking my system in my new room, and I think I’ve finally hit on a combination that works well.

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You definitely found that little hole we discussed on the previous tracks from your new room. Very solid from the bottom up. I might bring the background vocals up a hair, but other than that it is great. Well done sir.

yeah it took me some time to get my room where I wanted it but after mixing in it for a year now I think I have found the comfort zone. when you get a chance check out mix 4 in bash on your personality song…

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Thanks Bob, that’s great to know.

Believe it or not, I think the problem was that the volume control on the sub got knocked out of position in the move.

I couldn’t remember where I had it set in the old room, so it was a bit of trial and error to get it set to the level I was used to hearing. It turns out I ended up with it set too loud, and that affected my approach to eq’ing that critical 70-150 Hz region.

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on great advice when I calibrated my 2.1 I turned my interface all the way up and set my left and right to 85db and my sub to 80 db it has given me a great balance both in listening to music and movies to mixing and mastering.

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Interesting Danny. I was far less scientific. I just turned it until it felt right. That’s my approach to most things in audio. :grinning: