Salem UK | Silverback

I’ve been mixing and mastering the new Salem UK album using my new, super-hero ears :smiley:

I’ve only got one more to do but I thought I’d post this Zeppelin-esque one for your amusement. I guess I’m too far down the line to make big changes now but if there is anything glaringly obvious I have missed, let me know!


Hard to be critical on an almost finished/mastered track. Would have liked to see it build on this forum from day one.:
I hear the chorus much better than the verse. Your singer has quite the range. Sounds a touch foreigner?? A good thing.
Lots of fill drums. Would like to see one at I the 2:11 ish mark. Intro a bit long, especially before the lead guitar chimes in. Nice sound on everything BTW. A little too processed for me. I like to hear the vocals really clear, but I am 75 with less than average hearing.
Yeah the track is good on all counts and congrats.

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Thank you Paul

There is a snare fill at 2:11

but thanks for trying to help

Hey man. Nice song. Great groove, nice energy.

The cymbal hits seem really low (volume wise) to me, but I can totally see how it’d be too late to change that.

I miss hearing that good old head-banger fun stuff with that late 80’s early 90’s vibe. Very cool man.

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Thank you Jonathan. I’ll review the cymbals; they’re on overheads but I should be able to get them with a bit of automation.

Nice work, Adrian! A very reflective, moody and, nostalgic-feeling song that is really quite different for you guys… My only very small comment would be that the modulation effect on the vocal in the bridge at one point (“from another SIDE”) causes the S to sound lispy… that’s all I’ve got! Nice :+1:

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Thank you Andrew! I’ll check that out; I have a feeling it may be due to some missing teeth…