Sale On the OG DR Tools

Yo, The Loudness Wars Are Dead!

Hey folks,
The original DRMeter broke the siege in the Loudness War, and heralded the dynamic range deténte we now enjoy in our Loudness–corrected world.

Well, 1770 Loudness is great for what it was designed for — automatic leveling of broadcast video programming — but DRi or Integrated DR is still the standard for gauging the loudness of popular music. An easy to understand integer measurement that closely correlates to your subjective experience, official DRi keeps you sane while keeping your clients happy. Accept no substitutes!

Team Players…
Remember, DRMeter estimates while DROffline measures and logs in the background. They mos’def work better together.

Until midnight on March 15th, save 25% on DRMeter and/or DROffline at with coupon code:


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