Sadie shore mix 2

Another go

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Very great song, very nice mix, lot of things that work well together.
I would scoop the snare a hair to let the lead vocal cut through better but it’s the only thing that I have to mention about this mix.

I did enjoyed the song and the mix, nice work!

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Cheers mate i appreciate it

Another bash for you takka360. Another cool song, good vibes. Love the vocalist. Drums are tonally good. IMO drums are tad too dry compared to the Vox and rest of the band. Add the room to add some needed depth, Its okay they are up front, but they need some air. Production thought, In the first verse when the drums come in, I feel like they were played with too much velocity or programmed the velocity to hit too hard, I would reduce this and automate the snare level lower until that measure before the chorus, when it kicks in. The sticks on the snare rim sounds good up front in the mix, automate the room here. I would use a bit of multi-band and side-chain the lead Vox to the drums, and/ or automate them in the chorus parts. They’re getting lost in the chorus. I want 1-2 dB more from that B3 organ. Everything else is great. Really close to a great mix!

Cheers for the feedback.I think i will have another fresh mix of it