Running Running Running, the video

This video contains the new audio mix Ingo had just posted in the original thread which aimed to address the objections to the balance and the vocals. The video itself is meant to be funny.

I suppose the mild political banter got the BTR of the song thread closed 5 days ago after my last post.

I find it very ironic that us hobbyists, musicians and engineers have very thick skins when it comes to criticism of our music and very thin when it comes to lyrics with political content.

I have not noticed any other closed threads, no matter how controversial the subject matter.

All I can say is everybody needs to grow up and face each other like adults and have the conversations that need to be had, even here.

So I’m going to encourage civil dialog, and facts, and I hope everyone writes a song expressing their opinions, especially about the broken state of our nation.

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Referring to your point about the previous thread being closed. A number of threads have been closed in the past, so don’t feel too picked on :yum:
And the reason had little to do with the subject matter and more to do with the category. “bash this” has been set up for working with folks to create the very best music that each person is capable of, regardless of where they’re at in the process (ie, lyrics, melody, mixing).
The “backstage” category has been set up with set up with no rules other than to respect each other. Politics, religion, baseball and recipe sharing can all go to “backstage”.
There are specific reasons for this distinction. :beerbanger:

Thank you for this, holster. But the thing is we had added a new mix just two days prior, and we hadn’t gotten any comments on that yet, and the next thing I know is the whole thread is gone from BTR, precluding any possibility of that to happen.

As it were, I went ahead with our ‘fixed’ mix for the video before realizing it was silently closed, simply thinking no one else was listening, and so I now hope to get that feedback in this new thread from somebody, and I don’t care what their politics are.

Feedback on the video itself would also be appreciated. I have my own lo-fi technique of making the video, but it does allow me to do some corny tricks, but is it entertaining enough?

Hi Love the 10 second singing at 38 seconds. I was just wondering if the vocal couldn’t be sung with a little angst. I really don’t care about the political stuff. I love anything that is just a little different. Only picky thing that would help the whole presentation would be to slightly tune some of the vocals. I know that I say that a lot here on the forum, but I truly believe it does help?

Thanks for the specific 38 second chorus comment, I like angst, too, Paul. On this one, I’m not sure how much angstier I should have been. I think I performed it detuned borderline spoken, probably not the best choice, but that’s me, a little uneven!

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