Round 3 (The Final Round)

Round 3 (The Final Round)

Here’s the final round. Voting closes on Monday, December 16 around 9:00am Eastern US Time.




  • ColdRoomStudio
  • Jonathan

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@BigAlRocks - go ahead and call this one a wrap, and announce Andrew the winner. If there’s only 10 voters, there’s no point in dragging it on.

I’ll see if I can start working on that video the next few days.

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Good point @Jonathan. @ColdRoomStudio is the winner. Congrats!


Congrats, you guys! Nicely done!

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Well done! In fact, all four of the finalist were good solid mixes!

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Yayyy Congrats @ColdRoomStudio and to everyone… lots o’ fun!
Can we start the next one now? :wink:

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Woohoo! Thanks! Great fun… Of course, I have to give all the credit to @bozmillar and his amazing “The Wall” limiter, because you know I only won because my mix was LOUDER than @Jonathan :grimacing: Haha, I can’t resist a dig :wink:

Jokes aside, it’s very cool to hear everybody’s take on this - some really excellent mixes, and I’m chuffed to be in the company of the esteemed Mr @Jonathan ! A fun little comp - it’s a lot friendlier when the stakes are not high, methinks. :thinking:

I deliberately resisted voting on any of bouts of the rounds where my mix was in contention, but it would have been nice to see more involvement in the voting from the community here. I think, in part the lack of visibility of the fact that a contest is going on may be a lot of the reason why there were so few voters.

Here’s a suggestion for future rounds: Can the winner pick the next multi-track to mix? There is a regular contest on the Reaper forum where they do that. In fact - come to think of it - if we want to get more people involved and traffic to the site, it might be worth letting the regulars in that comp know that we are doing a regular comp here, because it is my understanding that the guy who was running that comp might be stepping back from it:

Thanks again to those who liked my mix! :grin:


I was thinking the same thing!

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As far as I’m concerned, that’s a big YES! (Someone else should run it though since I didn’t do a very good job.)

I think this is a great idea.

Another great idea!

yess. I knew I was the reason for you winning.


Congratulations Andrew .Was a great mix and well deserved .

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Glad to see you guys still having fun here :+1:
If i manage to get a set up sorted out i’ll be back someday lol. :beers: