Round 2.2

Round 2.2

Round 2.2’s competitors are listed below. I picked redworks to move forward because in his competition, his votes got 40% where Jclampitt got 33% in his.




  • ColdRoomStudio
  • blairhall1974

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  • Jonathan
  • redworks

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Time to download and do some blind tests with MCompare. These are all great mixes! How long do we have?

That would be interesting! If you try it without listening to them first, you should jot notes on your first impressions after you gain matched all of them!

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Hmmm, I’m a reluctant to explain my votes here so as not to influence subsequent voters. So I’ll just cast my vote. I DID volume match them before listening, I think you have to do that in any comparison to be fair. Here’s what I did. (Mix numbers are the same order above.)

1. Checked their loudness on Youlean -
Mix 1: 10.69 LUFS
Mix 2: 10.36 LUFS
Mix 3: 12.51 LUFS
Mix 4: 8.35 LUFS

2. Used MLoudness Analyzer to adjust their levels to match (Batch AutoGain, Target = -14 LUFS)
Mix1: -3.31
Mix2: -3.64
Mix3: -1.49
Mix4: -5.65

3. Used the “Blind Test” in MCompare to listen to them in my DAW, looping different sections while listening for different things I thought were important.

Good job on these guys!

Until Monday.