Rosewood trees now endangered species

Hey folks, just saw this on my FB feed… as always, I recommend avoiding the comments section!

5 Things You Should Know About The New Rosewood Law.

I do love a nice rosewood guitar (I don’t own one unfortunately). Does anybody know which species of tone wood has similar properties? Would that be Sappeli? I believe that’s not on the Cites list and is related to Rosewood. But I’m not sure if it sounds the same.

Thats too bad. The guitar guys were not using it excessively, trafficking it, poaching it, and wasting it.

Thanks China. You large bunch of wonderfully conscious and ethical people.

For electrics, where about the only use of rosewood is for fretboards, it may not be a very big deal. Here’s an excellent clip where the guy swaps out a maple vs rosewood fb on the same guitar body for a controlled tone comparison. Barely distinguishable…

I certainly don’t… my Pimentel classical and 6-string, plus Martin 6-string, all have rosewood backs & sides, whereas the Martin 12 has sapele back & sides. Martin touts the use of sapele as being “sustainable.” The 12 string certainly sounds gorgeous… here’s a song I did where it’s the featured instrument, a cover of the Charlie Sexton/Steve Earle song Dillingham Lane:

Dave you have a pleasing distinct singing voice, it stands out well in this song, Do you have other acoustic songs?

Why, thank you Daniel! That is very kind of you to say. I do indeed have many more acoustic songs, it’s my usual style. I’ll send you a personal message with some links. :smile:

For me, the difference has more to do with the feel while playing. I know this will seem strange, but to me, maple seems to be less forgiving than rosewood. That’s the only way I can describe it. But again, that’s my experience with it. However, I’ve grown to love playing on maple and I LOVE how bending feels on maple more than rosewood. Tonaly, I’d be hard pressed to hear an audible difference though

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After acquiring my Music Man Cutlass recently, I know just what you mean, that’s the first guitar I’ve owned with a maple neck. I just LOVE playing that baby! It also features stainless steel frets, and bending on it is just so smoooooooth.

I have 25 acres of mature maple if anyone needs any.



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“Man against nature, man against man, or man against self.”

Will we ever learn?

I’ve heard of a multitude, but that’s a maple-itude. Damn.

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