Room mics recordings from a commercial facility - Sounds amazing!

I’ve been looking for a studio in my region with a stellar sounding live room for drum tracking…I have some projects that I need to outsource tracking for. I found these guys a couple weeks ago.

I asked them for a clip of some room mics and Susan, the facility manager sent me these tonight.

M149 at 20ft with no compression or EQ.

This is a Royer Ribbon at 10 feet, mashed up with their TG1 outboard compressor

And there’s the merged drum sound they got with all mics to tape

Hey Jonathan. We were tracking Drums and Bass the past three days and I had the engineer to get me some samples to send to you. Now please note that we were tracking these on our Craviotto Kit that had CALFSKIN HEADS if you are familiar with those then you know they change the sound of the drums compared to plastic heads - they sounded great actually. I told him that I wanted as raw of samples of the room that he could get me. You will see in the labeling what they are and type of mic used etc. I know there is one that is not eq’d but he did commit during tracking a very colored compressor. That is also noted.
Let me know if this helps to give you an idea!
Hope to get you scheduled soon!

I don’t know what it is. At some point, your ears start to crave a total natural, pure, non-digital room ambience in all of its imperfect glory. Real reflections, balanced, seamless from transient to transient, and captured with a high dollar mic through a quarter million dollar mixer. I just love having access to the real thing, and I’m having a blast with this project.


This sounds awesome!

Those last 2 are a bit quiet :slight_smile:… I think something went wrong with your upload dude!

Ribbon (retry)

Merged (retry)

huh…that’s weird. They were working on my end lol. Here ya go.

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Seems to working now… Wow ROCK!

Wow, that merged track is totally killer, although the first two sound (dare I say it) a bit too roomy for me. But the merge kicks serious ass!

I would just take the ribbon track and print it as is and make everything fit around it. The natural room sound and the crack on the snare is perfect. That’s why I always need extra ears: I would always go for the " When The Levee Breaks" drum sound even with a solo classical guitar.
Love the Royer mic, how smashed is that track?

2 things.

  1. Those sound awesome.
  2. Those are not single mic recordings. Did they put a stereo pair up in the room?

Hey Jonathan, liking the drums sound as well. Just curious though…have you ever tried BFD 3? I swear I got drum sounds in that, that sound almost identical to what you have there. It’s actually uncanny! They really deliver the goods as far as “natural” drum sounds go…even more so than BFD 2. We have a pretty nice drum room here, but even still, due to the nature of more modern type sounds, I run triggers as a safety net just to hybrid if need be so I’m not using drum replacement all over. I find that hybridding (when necessary) sounds better due to something like say BFD 3 giving you such amazing, lifelike room sounds. Honest when I tell you, I could come SUPER close to copping that sound and play them on V Drums in about an hour. As soon as I heard the sound, I was like…“man, good sound…where have I heard something comparable?”

Glad things are working out for you and you’re enjoying the endeavor. :slight_smile:

Just wondering if this is a cue for a ‘post your drum room sounds’ thing. Although having said that most of us probably don’t deal in live drums as home recordists.