Roland OctaCapture, am I missing 2 inputs from the count?

For the life of me I can’t see where they get the 12 channel input count, I count 8 analog and 2 digital at best, for total of 10 inputs.

Looks like false advertising to me. If it did actually have 12 inputs it will suit me great :slight_smile:

eight analog mono and two digital stereo? that’s 12.

here’s the back of it, shows only 1 coaxial digital input for 9/10
There’s no 11 and 12 anywhere on the unit.

Marketers often like to exaggerate.

This reminds me of a few items I’ve purchased.

Tascam digital multitrack recorder 2488 - said it’s a 24 track recorder
Yes, it had 24 tracks …BUT there were only 20 faders, or so, and the last few faders controlled stereo tracks…not mono tracks. So it was really a compromised 24 track recorder. There were similar issues with some of the other “All-In-One” DAWS that I owned.

Maybe so, but their other interfaces don’t, this one seems to have overshot it by 2 audio channels which in my case would be crucial.

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Hmmm… The I/O is quoted in the specs as “12 x 10” as shown below:

I count 10 inputs (8 mono mic pres and 1 stereo S/PIDF) and 12 outputs (8 mono TRS, 1 Stereo headphone jack and 1 stereo S/PIDF)… to my way of thinking , the I/O figure should read “10 x 12”, but I’m not certain of what the “accepted advertising jargon order” is.

BTW… I couldn’t find anywhere else where their blurb specifically quoted 12 inputs… am I missing something?


Yeah, it seems like they just got 12x10 mixed up. It should be 10x12. Unless there is somewhere else they are talking up 12 inputs. I’d chalk it up as an honest mistake before calling it a sleazy one. Or they are counting the MIDI in as another input or 2?

I mean, the product name is OCTAcapture, and the model name is UA-1010


The model number is UA-1010, but I suspect the additional 2 outputs are referring to the DAW master bus stereo signal that is being sent via usb to the unit.

Regardless of the explanation, it seems like deceptive advertising.

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