any good?

I guess this is as good a place as any to ask.

is this an avenue to get ones songs “out there”…is it worth the trouble or is this just an extra middle man?

Thanks, JJ

I hadn’t really seen this site. It’s an interesting concept, but it does have a bit of that middle-man thing that you mentioned. There are quite a few ways to get your music out there without having to use a service like that nowadays. It’s just a matter of finding an audience for it. That’s what becomes the challenge. The fact that I haven’t heard anyone talking about using rocketsongs to find new music tells me quite a bit.
It kind of reminds me of a couple local bands and artists that I’ve known that worked hard to record their music and jumped through the hoops to get their albums on itunes, amazon, etc. and then all had their celebration moment. I had to introduce reality to the situation by asking “now what??”. All but one responded with the same blank stare. I think most of them really had that “if you build it they will come” mentality.
Making the music and recording, mixing, and making it available to the masses is like putting the border together on a thousand piece puzzle. There is still a tremendous amount of work to do.
That gets to the core of what I hope to see from this site. Finding what works and doesn’t work for taking things to that next level that you’re asking about. As the community continues to grow, we will have people here that HAVE had success with their music and we can all learn what methods worked, and above that, we can learn from their failures.
Sorry for the long-winded response. I went on a bit of a tangent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well its an uphill struggle.

I have 2 friends who have “albums” recorded. (im old…everything is an album)

But they have no concept of how to get anyone to know they have music out lol.

Unfortunately its always a matter of stepping ones game up.

I started off as a lead gtr player. Then i started writing little jams with drum machines and putting them on facebook. People were like “they sound funny with no words”. So I spent all last year learning to sing.

And so whats the limitation now??? MIXING

And i fully know that mixing is just another step along the way, its not the last step. Next up will be MARKETING!!


You came to the right place then :wink:

This is an area that I really hope to see us discuss heavily. There is a tremendous amount we can all learn from each other with marketing in particular!


Well I spent all 2016 on a singing site. Most people there ONLY worried about singing. Some only sang exercises etc. Some did covers. A few brave souls actually wrote originals

So the “next step” for them would be writing and mixing

But the same might go for this site (and RR). Numerous people here can get pro or semi pro mixes…so the “next step” for those people is getting the music out there.

I understand it takes a strategy

it is a funny thing because getting it “out there” is easy. I have two albums up on itunes, spotify, etc. and i hope to have another one and at least two EP’s out there as well in 2017. The hard part is getting people to listen. What makes it really hard is trying to push your own music because the question becomes:

“Is my music not being listened to because i have not pushed hard enough or because it is not worth listening to?”

Ahhh such a tricky thing.


just talking off the top of my head…putting it on spotify, i0tunes etc isnt really “getting it out there”. Its just a step. its like opening a restaurant. Yeah, technically its open but who knows about it?

I would guess that one has to “push” incredibly hard to even get noticed a tiny bit lol.

thats going to be something new for me because I have always abhorred attention whores etc. I had a buddy who put together a CD. Then it got to be every other post on Fbook was all about his music. It drove me crazy. He’d say stuff like “The ideas are flowing like crazy, going into the studio tonight to do overdubs” etc. I made fun of him at work all the time lol.

But, the music has to be pushed somehow or its almost silly to go thru the work to make it. I struggled with the whole thing because I see the major artists literally selling their souls and I cant go that route.

Something that gave me some clarity is in the Bible when it says (my paraphrase) “no man lights a candle and hides it in a clay jar, or puts it under a bed…but rather on a lampstand”

As far as the question “am I not pushing hard enough, or is it not good enough”?? to me thats easy. I CONTINUALLY run across great music that was made 20 years ago that I never heard of. Im talking epic stuff…but I never heard of it. It wasnt the quality of the music holding it back

for instance, this is a song by Oni Logan and Rowan Robertson…both guys who were on big labels at one point. This was recorded (I assume) sometime maybe 93-94? It never got released on the major label due to industry restructuring etc. They finally released it on an indie label or something in 2001

I never heard of it until 2016 lol.

I would have to work hard and hit on all cylinders to make music this good. Im not famous. I dont know anyone. These 2 guys were on major labels, they have connections…yet I didnt hear of this song until well over 20 years after it was recorded

Im a hard rock, guitar rock kind of guy. This is right up my vibe. If I didnt even hear of this, how is some kid raised up on Justin Bieber going to hear of my hard rock tracks?? Its quite daunting lol


Yep that is why gave up trying to be heard and now do it for the joy of creating music and sharing it. If anybody actually listens that is for them and a bonus for me.

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I believe there is an audience for everything. The tricky thing is to find it.


I want to risk licensing one of a song from rocketsongs but i’m too scared it’s kind of i’ve heard the song before the beats sounds too familiar yet i don’t remember where i had the song from anyone who have used rockets songs before help