Rock - Spill Kit

Just finished my first mix on this one guys & gals… Still getting used to my new environment, so any feedback on it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Edit Final band-approved mix is on top:


I’ll check this on my monitors. So, so good. Does the new room still seem quite a bit better to you?


The stereo imaging definitely seems better… but that can be a double edged sword - you think you’re getting more width and space than you actually are… I think the frequency response is reasonably even… we’ll see.

Sounding really good Andrew! I’m hearing a little more in the low freqs than I’d like, but that’s probably just my own bias. But especially in some of those tom rolls, I hear low-freq buildup that would be easy to eq out. Something to think about anyway.

Guitars sound great, I think you’re occupying the space very well (I can’t shake the image of Christopher Walken any time I write a comment like this). I would never have guessed that this was your first effort in a new space, that’s for sure. Well done! :star2:

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@ColdRoomStudio awesome! The only thing I have a problem with, which is a big deal, I am struggling to hear all of the words . I am getting about 80% of them…I need 100% …get the hell back in there!

I do not if this is your song or not, but I still am loving it. I would love it even more if I could hear all of the lyric!

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Sounding good. I would say that it is just a touch to much overall reverb. It is just on that edge where i am tempted at points of saying it is muddy. It is either giving the sense of over distortion to the lead vocals or there is too much high mids in the vocals for my taste. Otherwise great balance on the freq spectrum.

Ok, thanks Dave - Good to know.

Thanks Eric - do you think the mud might be coming from the verb? Or is it an overall muddiness, as in too much 200-300 Hz?

Ok thanks! …so does it need the vocals louder overall, or better automation to even it out?

Cool - no, it’s not my track - just mixing it for another band.

Great to listen to this on Boxing Day… Cool song… just listening through my infinity speakers and am hearing a certain ‘fuzz’ to the mix, hmm, just a little ‘mush’ … feels like a reverb thing to my superficial listening. Going to pop it through my monitors to see if I can be any more specific…
Okay, I’m hearing it there as well, just not quite as much clarity as I would like, I did have a play with trying to identify a frequency but I’m hopeless at generalising that stuff. I was wanting just a bit more space for the vocal, but that is always my particular focus so take that with a grain of salt, or two.

It’s the opening drum beats that just felt slightly verby - set that sonic scene for me - and the opening vocal was just a little ‘not finite’ if that makes any sense? It’s a hard opening vocal phrase I found myself wanting a touch more definition to its entry… ahh waffle.

Hope your xmas day went well fHumble, it’s lovely to have it over and done with here… The sun is shining and the fridge is still full with food and drink…:sunglasses:


Definitely automation touches are needed. Though the vox is dark , it works, but seems to be fighting with something around 800hz.-1100hz. area, that is causing the intelligibleness of the lyric.

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Thanks, I’ll have to check how hard I’m hitting the tape emulation on the 2 buss - I might have gotten a bit carried away there, so that may account for the “mush”.

Cool, thanks for checking - much appreciated

Do you mean more frequency space (as in make more space for the vocal to fit), or put more ambient space around the vocal?

Thanks, yeah I cut the verb from them with automation at the beginning of the song, but I struggled to get the bare snare hits to sound good on their own at the beginning as well as when all the instrumentation joins.

Hmmm… not really following you on that one - Do you mean that it doesn’t have a solid “centre” within the soundstage to it?

Ok cool thanks.

The good news is - I just did a quick “car check”, and I’m pretty happy with it overall, particularly in terms of how the low end translates. I think I just need to get a bit more of a solid grasp on the different high end / high mid response I’m getting in this room.

Thanks again for your input!

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sorry…I meant just a little more space for the vocal to sit,

No, it was the vocal entry with the enunciation, “it’s taking me”… the ‘i’ - one of those ridiculous vocal things I seem to obsess over so please ignore if I’m being irrelevant… my first listens through the infinity speakers, I just heard ss’taking me and I thought that for me, I’d like a little more definition to that entry wording. I can faff around on such things so am a little potentially embarrassed that just mentioning it is silly :rolling_eyes: I wondered about a touch of volume automation boost for that entry syllable, just a raw compressed vocal snippet? Some lovely drum sounds in the track by the way, as it grows… yum.

Ok thanks for clarifying

Oh, I understand now - whisper test coming up on next mix, once I get notes from the band!

To my ears it is coming from the verb. But i am never certain till i start A/Bing.

Thanks - it could well be - I did something a little different with the verb on this mix - I’ll definitely check into that.

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I do not know if this will help. This song reminded me of something, I could not remember until just now. Mid 90’s band gin blossoms, if you could snag their song " follow you down" , I believe it would make a great reference track. Music is similar and the singers voice is similar too. Ok, back to sleep for me!

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Yes, I remember it well! - Thanks for that! :beerbang:

Ok - thanks for your help guys and gal! New revised mix is up. Just got notes back from the band - most of the changes are fairly subtle, as the band were pretty happy with the first mix, but I did try to take into consideration the comments made here.

Here is the new mix if you couldn’t be bothered scrolling up to the first post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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