Robert John Mutt Lange Snare Tactic

That “Mutt Lange” drum sound. Love him or hate him, the man creates some of the fattest drum sounds ever with his partner in crime Mike Shipley. Does anybody know what sampling tools Mutt used later in his career, I was curious because I know they’re not real drums.

What albums u talking about?

from what I can find this explains it the best

The drums on Def Leppard ‘s Pyromania and Hysteria were recorded at half-speed on a 8-bit Fairlight CMI sampler. This technique allowed him to experiment with different song structures during recording. Nowadays, MIDI-triggered “drum hit replacement” is a common technique but Mutt was the first.

On the Def Leppard albums and the record he did with The Cars, they used a Fairlight and mixed the snare sample with a low-tom in order to get a deeper sound out of the hollow machine. Add an appropriate amount of '80s reverb and you’ve got yourself a Mutt snare. I prefer real drums, but a perfectionist like Mutt was all about ironing out all signs of humanity from a recording. It’s an admirable attention to detail, but they sound rather dated today.


That aint no lie. There’s nothing about Def Leppard “drums” that sounds like drums. They’re just loud artificial bangs in the place of drums. You might as well beat on a suitcase and use that for your drum sounds if that’s the kind of sound you want.

The OP can correct me, but I think when people mention the “fat snare” of Mutt lange, often what it turns out they are generally referring to is the Back In Black sound specifically.

for reference

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Photograph snare IS pretty fat


VH Jump, for comparison, came out about a year later

He used Eventide’s h910 harmonizer , didn’t he?

I tried the plugin preset, but it sounded weird