Riley Hawke - Wasteland (Experimental Heavy Metal Guitar Mix) Feedback Requested Featuring YoDudeRock!

Thanks to @YoDudeRock for the bass and the guitar tracks. How do you guys like it with a Marshall Plexi?
That’s an Oberheim PS-1 phaser for all you curious people. Such a tasty tasteful solo only enhanced by the phaser. The guitar pyrotechnics towards the end call to mind Paul Gilbert.

Please listen responsibly. @YoDudeRock is not responsible for any physical or mental damage caused by this solo.

Before I listen, is there real Marshall Plexi in this?

NO! It’s virtual.

I know I’m taking some “slight” artistic liberties here, but I really think overall it’s a net positive. The out of key notes and inappropriate shredding really bring the track to life, I think. :smiley:


It gives the track the emotional intensity it was lacking when every instrument properly fit. By throwing in a wild card, you’ve properly accentuated the song’s emotional core!

@YoDudeRock, this is the most tasteless playing I’ve ever heard. It has somehow crossed the barrier beyond stupidity into unadulterated brilliance. I think I speak for everyone on this corner of the web when I say, we need to hear more of your stuff. You’re such a talented player. So you’re a Gilbert fan? Do you prefer him in Racer X or Mr. Big? Either way I think you’ve surpassed him with this absolutely genius take on the track.

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Damn, oh well.

Just what I expected from you. It actually has redeeming qualities. BUT…turn it down in the mix. the axe playing is very good I love the fit at like 1:54…2:52
They broke the mold when they made you man

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Give credit to my distinguished colleague Mr. YoDudeRock as well. I figured the rest of the song didn’t matter, I wanted to highlight the mighty axe.

Made my day lol

Looking for feedback, you say?? Yes, I believe I hear feedback😁. Rock on!

Cool guitar shredding. Reminds me of some of my own madness. Doesn’t really fit with the song though. Pushing the envelope, as they say …

It’s not supposed to fit. Read YoDudeRock’s post from earier in the thread. It was a one take wonder of hilarious proportions.

Ironically 10/10.

My favorite part is in the beginning where the guitar stops and waits, just to come back in and bury everything as soon as she starts singing lol. That was pretty great.


And that’s cool, but it could have been ‘arranged’ and blended to be a serious piece, maybe even a winner.

Maybe, but probably not with a Marshall Plexi. It really did not turn out as bad as we thought it would.

But don’t forget the famous “brown sound” , blended with volume swells, then bursting forth in full flower at appropriate moments, can be positively . . . . orchestral!

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There’s nothing orchestral about the brown sound. It sounds painful having to listen to the product of too much spinach and diarrhea.

You could use your powers for good you know

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