Riley Hawke - Wasteland (Bashable Mix)

Riley Hawke - Wasteland (Bashable Mix)
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See what you guys think…


This mix reminds me of huffing glue in the Sahara desert back in 1657.

There’s something off about the vocals, almost a brittle type of mild distortion. I also think the low end of the main guitar is hitting the compressor really hard, making it sound really forward. Your EQ choices shatter testicles with their unparalleled beauty. No problems there.


Hmm, listening to your mix I found it a bit off but I could not point what exactly. The main feeling I have is the lead vocal is disconnected from the mix and I think that CPF had spot the culprit right… :confused:

By the way, I really like the ambiance and the overall sound, a nice job to me!


1657? You must be an immoral…I mean immortal being. :grinning:
I think I got a little heavy handed with eq’ing the vocal. I was trying Noveltech’s “Vocal Enhancer” too. It "enchances"
midrange vocal frequencies. I’ve shut that off.
Eased up on the compression I was doing on the main guitar.

Thanks for the Testicle Shattering EQ compliment. Soundwise, I metaphorically dip the testicles in liquid nitrogen, then gently tap them with a ball peen hammer. Obviously this analogy reveals all the frequencies, Q and gain I used. I’m happy to oblige.



Hi @YoDudeRock

Soft sounding mix, silky. I like the sonics, but maybe the vocal could be brighter.
@CPF will kill me for saying that BUT i hear too much the noise in the guitar.

Nice work, my testicles agree.


Yeah there IS a prominent buzz on Main Guitar and Gtr 2 I tried a notch filter around 5.5khz and then doing a little hi shelf boost after that.