Ridge Runner

I was in Lowes home center a few weeks ago and I met a guy who sings. We got talking about home recording and I asked him if he had any songs online that I could listen to. Wes told me he had one song online and that he recorded it when he was in Nashville. I am posting his song on here to get some feedback for him. I am not sure where in Nashville he had this recorded. I told him about the IRD and I mentioned I would post his song for feedback. Thanks in advance, James.

yup this is good. The guitar licks/fill are unbelievable. a touch hot IMHO

Predictable format, that has always worked. Great vocal

I would have like to hear some harmony in that chorus. Maybe a sprinkle of mouth harp here and there or something a bit quirky??? congrats btw

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Thanks Paul, it’s not my song but if you think it is, then we can just leave it at that. :slight_smile:

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