Rick Rubin: Legendary Music Producer

I found this podcast to be quite informative and enlightening. I have always been fascinated with Rick Rubin as a producer, and he seems to open up a lot on many topics here. There are time-stamps that can help your journey. Here are a few that I liked (posted after the video):

24:16 - Beautiful simplicity in music
45:36 - Rebellion and conformity
50:24 - Fitness
2:00:48 - Meaning of life (reference to “More Cowbell”)
You may find many other time-stamp categories to suit your taste. The whole thing is just over 2 hours.

I did find that I had to listen to this at 1.5 speed playback, as both speakers are incredibly “Zen”, which I do appreciate, but don’t always sync with when in Beta brainwave mode. :wink:

A couple of other thoughts on the state of the world at the moment:



I watched a fantastic documentary the other day on Rubin. He has such a great story. I’ll see if I can find it again and post it here!

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