Rhythmic multitap delays w/ MDelayMB

This is a quick video I made showing how you can use MDelayMB to create intersting rhythms and textures. Hopefully you;ll find it interesting and useful.

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are there any multitap delays that make adding rhythmic delays easy to dial in? The result of this is really cool, but the amount of work required to set this up sort of makes it not very usable when trying to make music. It’s definitely cool for experimenting, but I couldn’t see myself doing this while trying to make a song.

I like the Groove Delay in Studio One. When I want something different, I find a preset that’s similar to what I want to hear, then just tweak things until I like it. Not very scientific but it works for me. :smiley:


Thanks for making this video @Chandler!! Keep ‘em coming!! :beerbanger:

@holster - Thanks

@bozmillar - maybe Relayer, but that still seems pretty difficult to me. Of course you can setup your own preset in MDelayMB which will let you change patterns with a click or 2. The fact that a multitap delay has lots of parts will always garuntee it takes time to set up. Unless of course you just rely on presets.

That’s why I was wondering. When I watched your video, I thought that it seemed like a really powerful trick, but is way too much work to set up. When something like that is a lot of work to set up, it immediately kills any ability to experiment. I would be surprised if someone hasn’t already come out with a plugin that takes this concept and makes it easy to do. I figure it has to exist in some form or another. I’m sure there’s an FL studio plugin that does it.

A potential opportunity?

Depends. I’d have to see what’s out there already, because I have a hard time believing it hasn’t been done. Then I have to wait for a month or so to see if it’s still something that I think is exciting.