Rhyming Structure/Iambic Pentameter and All That Jazz

I’m creating this topic to remind myself to describe this as a resource for people that want to use it in their lyrics. There’s a specific structure, might go over sonnet types (English, Italian, Spenserian) too and their rhyme schemes. Yum! Don’t have time now, you’re gonna get it though.


good timing because this is something I want to brush up on. We have all heard the term iambic pentameter but thats about it

I wrote a song yesterday and the verses were symmetrical with 11 syllables on the first line and 12 on the other lines. to get that many syllables sung there isnt really time for phrasing so its ‘dut dut dut dut dut dut’ etc. Something like 4 triplets maybe or some other constant rhythm. But if it has any name beyond that who knows lol

Now I see your hands are covered in violence
You got to like it but there’s too much reliance
I guess they caught you when you hid in the highlands
and now they got you locked down, sitting in silence

The walls are closing in and dripping with sorrow
They know they’ll hear your screams , it all starts tomorrow
You’ll give your pound of flesh, you’ve gone way too far now
Start counting breaths tonight, now each one is borrowed

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That’s what SHE said. :wink: