Revised "Fade"

Hi everyone. I had a few suggestions on this one, and some ideas I wanted to add, so I’ve revised this song. Thanks for taking a listen!

Original “Revised” Mix

Revised “Revised” Mix

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That sounds fantastic. I love the bass, the sound of the toms, the guitars, the vocal harmonies…

If this was for me there are only two things I’d change: I find that the snare is a little too spacious on the parts that are less dense and draws too much of the focus on itself, I would roll off some of the reverb. And I would clean up the amp noises that are quite noticeable on the final sustained note. But everything is balanced and listening is pleasant throughout, for sure.

Sounds like a wrap!

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Great tune. The snare does seem to have too much reverb. Kick ass bass sound and playing, love it. As I am listening again, it sound like there is a slap reverb on the snare, so you can here the bounce where as you can’t hear it on anything else because nothing else in the song is a pronounced “bang” sound like a snare. So I bet if you had the same verb on everything, the snare is still going to sound different because of the way the snare sound is different than all the other sounds, even though that is the natural way the room would sound if you were playing live in it. But the snare, and possibly the drums sound like they are in a different area.

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Nailed it. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Andy. This sounds good even on puter speakers. You guitar work is awesome, but just too much IMHO? Even between verses. Isn’t 3 min the golden standard? I’m thinkin “this is cool, but I wanna hear you sing again” ha ha The second fill also sounds very similar to the first in verse two… I assume you what trivial comments? My fav is still your vocal. Bet my 2 cents helps you alot. So good not to hear midi

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O WOOH this is gorgeous!!
Unfortunately I still have health issues with my ears but this was an absolute delight to listen to… Shades of Dire Straits for me right from the beginning, that smooth guitar sound and wonderfully spacious mix.
Such a richness as the chorus develops with lovely depth and separation. There is a slick seamlessness to the production, a very natural sense of ebb and flow. Love the interactions, the rat-a-tats answered by the singing guitars.
Really liked how the guitar sang the ending… Love the backing vox… all so very well done.

Lovely work, slick airy and seamless,… very enjoyable!

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Thank you for the input everyone - Much appreciated!

Thanks for your help, Jean-Mac - I’ve made some more changes in line with your comments.

Hi James, thank you for your thoughtful input. You seem to be confirming Jean-Marc’s comments, so I have tried to address that in the remix.

Thanks Eric… still trying to nail it… some more! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Paul! Haha, I’m guessing you’re not a fan of songs like “Telegraph Road” then? Yeah, the point is definitely noted, but I think I’ve mentioned before that my last album was all about succinct pop formats… I’m deliberately going in the opposite direction with this one… and quite enjoying it, btw! Thanks mate!

Oh no! Sorry to hear that - It’s so cruel when health issues impact on your favourite things!

Yes, yes! You got it, Emma. Dire Straits were a big influence for me initially as a guitar player. This track is a combination of influences: Dire Straits, Jeff Beck, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin & Steely Dan, if I were to think about specific reference points.

Thanks for your eloquent and poetic descriptions - I always enjoy reading your thoughts! Glad you liked it!

Anyhoo… here is a revised version, with the changes mentioned above:


Nice job. Lots of textures and changes of pace. The heavy bridge is a very nice touch. Good singing, nice guitar, nice songwriting, what’s not to like?

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That is a really nice mix! I can definitely hear some of this in your track.

Last version is great, nothing to add from me. :ok_hand:

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This is the first impression that I get during the intro. I think the guitar swells and the jazz fusion lead guitar and rhythm guitar combo is what reminds me of Jeff Beck. In the guitar solo part I can hear some licks that remind me a bit of Dire Straits too, but I really love the Beckisms the most.

I’m listening through my lowly laptop speakers, so I’m not getting the best quality version of your song, but it sounds great on all of the clips you posted. The first version did have a heavy amount of reverb on the snare drum but I’m not sure that bothered me any…BUT, remember, I’m listening at a fairly low volume, through my laptop speakers. I’ll give this another listen at a later time, when I’ve got my headphones handy.

As to what Paul said, I have to disagree. I love all the instrumental additions and focus. The song isn’t too long at all and the instrumental parts keep me interested to the point that I’m not just bearing with it till the vocals come back in. The vocal melody is great but I think this song is very much complimented by the instrumental and guitar parts. This song has it all !


It would definitely make my playlist!

:beerbanger: :beerbanger: :beerbanger:


Thank you Bob, that means a lot coming from you!

Thanks Jean-Marc - I really appreciate your input and help!

Thanks @Wicked - that was a very specific point of inspiration. When I came up with the chord progression and introduction melody, I was trying to write something like Jeff’s (actually written by Stevie Wonder) ‘Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers…

I had that little bit of music hanging around for maybe 20 years, and I had many tries at finishing the song, but at some point I realised that I wasn’t a good enough instrumentalist to pull it off as a solo guitar instrumental…

So then I tried to write words to it. They were written at a very difficult time of my life, and they came out sounding (to me, at least) very depressing and maudlin, qualities I really detest in a song… or at least I hate songs that just say one stupid thing over and over… In any case, I put the song away again at that point.

I pulled it out again recently when thinking about material for the next album. I started messing with a demo of it, and suddenly the riff that introduces the instrumental appeared, and I was off to the races! It just created a completely different dimension to the narrative arc of the song, and took it somewhere I never expected it to go.

Thanks for your comments and enthusiasm! Much appreciated!

Thanks Emma!

Hi Paul, I meant to comment on this previously: I assume you are referring to the guitar melody that opens the tune?..Yes, and the last part of the song is the same too, but it finishes up the octave. Those aren’t actually “fills”, that is actually an instrumental theme that is an integral, important part of the song. Jazz guys would call it a “head” to the tune. If you want to hear a tune with a similar structure, listen to Gary Moore’s “Still Got the Blues” (another one of my favourite guitarists of all time).


My favorite from you to-date Andrew! Well done all around!

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I am not sure which one is revised and which isnt lol… but I like the original “revised” mix File name Mix 2

The “revised revised mix” is a bit cleaner yes but coming across as a bit thinner and a bit metallic on my end.

Thanks Mike - glad you like it!

Thanks Michelle. There is not much difference between the mixes. All I did between the two mixes was adjust the snare drum ambience at different points in the song, and cut down the 50hz amp hum on the final note.

FWIW, I would have thought the “Revised Revised” mix would have a slightly thicker snare sound in the verses, as put back some room mic in the sound for the verses, whereas in “Original Revised”, I pulled out some of the room mic during the verses which tended to thin out the snare tone a bit… That’s literally all I did, so there should be no change to the overall timbre of the sound…

I called the thread “Revised” because the mix and production have been revised slightly from this original one that I posted here

I tried to incorporate the advice I received on that thread, but when I got more input, I had to call the new mix something so I called it the “Revised Revised” mx!

yeah the change is pretty subtle. Those room mics were likely adding a tiny amount of depth that was tricking the ear into thinking that the sound was slightly bigger. But dont feel like you have to make any changes to your mix. It is fine as it is

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Wow, nice jazzy licks with lots of variations and color, great job, l enjoyed it! :+1:

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Thanks Ingo :pray:

Very crisp and clear. Every sound is in it’s place. Perfect balance and space. This must of taken some time to do. It sound great.

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Thanks James!