Revenge on the trick or treaters

Revenge on the trick or treaters


They egged my house and toilet papered my trees. Henceforth this track


Haha! Love the BG howls! That is an awesome song - nice groove! :grinning:


Shame on those bad boys and gouls. :slightly_smiling_face: Surely you’re not the old grumpy guy on the block that all the kids hate? It’s kind of early for Halloween pranks isn’t it? I know it’s only a few days away, but usually it’s a one-day holiday except in the retail stores. :sweat: I guess all the holidays are starting earlier and earlier now.

Cool song, I like the rocking vibe to it, and how you have been singing more intense and gritty lately.


Nice, great feel and Halloween vibe. :jack_o_lantern: I like the doubled vocal. One thing I might go for is a bit more contrast between the verse and chorus.


nice job. I would agree with


I might put this on loop in a speaker in my front yard on Wednesday night!


Hi Mike, yes that scream took a few tries. When I came back downstairs from my corner bedroom studio, my wife asked “what’s goin on up there” ha ha


Hi Stan. I was a teacher for 30 years and a bus driver and a coach, so I was on many kids sh&% list. Only one time did they pee on my garage door. Got to get into a weird state of mind to sing this stuff. Guitar stuff was fun tho


Hi Cristina Yes there isn’t any bump for contrast. I tried that, but I lose the nastiness in my voice. ha ha Tried to make it kinda ozzish?? Thanks for the comments and listening


Hi Al Now that is funny. I will send you the background tracks and you can personalize it. ha ha


Pretty scary Mr. F ; guess I won’t trick-or-treat your street this year . . . whole different vocal range from you on this, you should do that more!


I like the style. It give out a vibe that makes me feel cool and hype. There are some parts where the snare gets compressed too much that it gets lost. I’m not sure where its coming from but usually this happens when side chaining. All in all sounds clear. I think this is going on the right direction paul :slight_smile:


Hi Brian I don’t know much about mixing. Never heard of side chaining and the drums are EZ drummer. I can set that snare higher tho. thanks for the hints