Revenge on the trick-or-treaters.....original song

I have played this here before I know. Just so proud of my scream at 8 seconds. Also, being a school teacher all the lyrics in this have happened. little shits

nice one. I think you need to center the main vocal on the intro or run all of them through a little more delay and verb so that they work together as a unit. you can bring the vocals up in general.

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Will do Eric. Thanks

I hadn’t heard this, Paul. This is awesome! I agree on the scream. How did you get up that high?

Bring the vocals up a smidge and add a little compression. Hard to hear at times. Gets slightly buried.

On another note, I’m beginning to realize the Feak has some evil in him! You’re scaring me! I will stay away from your place when I Trick-or-Treat next week! :flushed:

Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

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Hehe! I remember this one Paul. And it’s just as creepy as I remember too! :ghost:

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I remember this too Mr. F. pretty spooky! Like Tesgin I’m having trouble catching some of the vocals, maybe some compression or automation would help there? So you were in charge of detention right?


Ha ha I tried the scream again. Had to twist em a couple of times.

Hi T bud When I transferred over to the new computer, I lost the tracks. Now to try and find them. I now see what has been said about the vocal. It’s funny when you know the lyrics, you forget that others don’t.

Hi ingo guy. Glad you posted. I wasn’t nice to you. Speaks volumes. I taught high school, night school, drove the bus morn and night, coached three sports and subbed for the bus mechanic often. They called my bus “the tomb” . I was tough. Yes detention was supposed to be just quiet time, but I made them read and report before they could leave. I was hated.

Well as long as I don’t have to ride in “the tomb” we’re good! And I won’t trick-or-treat in your neighborhood anymore for sure.

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