Revalver now FREE

As of December 1st, 2019, the ownership of the ReValver® line of guitar amplifier modeling software was passed from Peavey Electronics to Audio Media Research, Inc ( AMR ).

Download is at the bottom of the page as are the store items. Add-ons still cost a little.

ReValver 4 will need to be locked to a USB device to activate the license. This can be, amongst others, anything from a memory stick, iLok2 (or other dongle), audio interface or USB hard drive. Take care to register the device you wish to use going forward as switching a device is limited to lost, broken or replaced devices & cannot be done without contacting support.


Sounds like a good deal. Anyone have any experience with Revalver? I use Waves GTR at the moment and it’s not too bad, but I know there’s better sounding and better responding amps out there. I have a free copy of Bias amps (via my Focusrite account) which I quite like, but it keeps on disappearing from my plugin folder, or just not working. I’d like to have a good sim of a few of the Fender amps, maybe a Vox AC30. Revalver is actually the only one that makes a sim of my own (real) amp: the Peavy Delta Blues. That might be interesting because I know that amp.
The copy protection is a bit of a hassle, but hey it’s free…

Cool… I tried ReValver quite a while back and it was cool… but that was then. Interested to see how it is now!

Let us know if you get it working. A few guys over on the CW forum are having troubles and it sounds like you have to jump through a bunch of hoops to get it installed and out of “demo” mode…

Installation wasn’t too bad, but then you have to launch it and create a login to Peavey/AMR (the distinction is a bit confusing) in order to get the license and apply it, plus update the content. The login interface is in the plugin or standalone app. The license is stored locally but somehow locks onto a USB drive or iLok, which you have to always have connected when using the plugin or app. Kind of weird, and beholding you for a long time for a free plugin.

I only messed with it for a little while, but from what I understand only parts of it are free, and the catch is that they want to you buy more amp modules from the online store. So it’s a little deceptive - it’s really not free, even though it seems like it kinda is. Only parts of it are free. It’s kind of like the free version of Amplitube in that way. It looks like it has some cool features, but I haven’t figured out the truly free part yet. The really cool presets are in Demo mode …

In my brief experience, some presets are really really quiet … and some are really really loud. And then there’s some signal sampling thing that’s supposed to detect your DI/Line-Level, and that did help quash some horrible hiss and noise. The Noise Gate was only somewhat helpful even after that.

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Sometimes its amazing how much free plugins cost you in time and frustration … :smirk:


Haha! Thanks for diving in and letting us know. Here’s a note from the CW forum that might help with your modules:

you have to log in to the Amp Store, then hit “Download”, which will update
the included modules from “Demo” to “Full”

Thanks again Stan. For myself, I think I’m going to pass on this one for now.

Well, that’s something you do, but that’s just to update the database of modules, whether free or paid/owned. It doesn’t make any conversion from Demo to Full at all. Mine didn’t even need to download anything, it was all already installed.

I now see that the “Free” bank that has 17 presets is the only thing really usable without being in Demo mode. The other stuff will work, but gets a tone ‘bug’ every 60 seconds. Sometimes it’s only one ‘paid’ module that causes the whole preset to be in Demo mode.

An update from the Audio Media Research owner. One cool thing about this digital age is how accessible owners, musicians and devs are to the general public…

Hello everyone…

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get here. It’s been one heck of a week, as you can imagine. There’s a lot going being discussed and I’ll do my best to cover all of it.

First off, for anyone one that is having trouble activating ReValver, this video will get you going:

If you are still having issues…please please send an email to support (at) or (even better) fill out the support form at By submitting the form, you are ensured that nothing falls through the cracks.

Ok…about Peavey and AMR. Here’s the story. ReValver was originally developed by Michael Ljunggren in Sweden under his company Alien Connections. At the time, I was working at Peavey and stumbled across Michael and struck up a conversation. Come to find out, he thought that he had taken things as far as he could on his own and was looking to sell the company. I went to Hartley Peavey and basically convinced him to buy the company and hire Michael. So, Michael and I teamed up and got to work. First came III, then III.V, then 4. One thing that never really came was the resources we needed to grow. In all fairness to Peavey, this was not intentional. The last few years has seen the audio industry pounded by changing markets, China tariffs, the decline of the independent retailer, etc, etc. Peavey has had to refocus on it’s core competencies…and being a software company was just not one of them. So, after a few years of dragging along the best that we could, we knew something had to change and, honestly, so did Peavey. So, to make a very long story short, we are now an independent company. It’s important to realize that although the “company” has changed hands a couple times…it’s still the same core team…and we are dedicated and passionate about ReValver. It’s also important to note that Jose is still with us handling support. Jose is amazing and a superhero. We were also truly blessed to have Hartley Peavey be on our board of directors. He is truly a legend and has been on of ReValver’s biggest supporter and, without him, we wouldn’t be here today.

Sigh…the dreaded “dongle”. I will be honest, before the dongle, we were suffering terribly to piracy. After, things got better. Having said that, we are completely open to any ideas. I’m going to look around to see what other options we can look at. What needs to happen asap is a way for customers to manage their registered USB devices. That is a priority for me.

We also agree that we needed to focus on getting more bass content in ReValver. We are on it.

So, yes…we have new releases coming soon. As you guys mentioned, Craig Anderton did review our new apps. Unfortunately, this happened right before the Peavey/AMR conversion, which pushed things back about a month.

In closing, I really want to hear from you all. I am always available at scott (at) Let me know what’s on your mind…good or bad…I’m here to listen and make things happen. We wouldn’t be here without your all…

Take care,

Scott Mire
Audio Media Research


Thanks for posting this, really good info! Ha, I have owned Peavey products for years and years and I never knew there was a Hartley Peavey behind it all. :blush:

Same here!
Do you own a Peavey guitar amp? If so which one? (I have a Delta blues: the Peavy 30 with a 15 inch speaker).

I did a side to side comparison of the Fender Bassman sims on Revalver and on my updated Bias 2 amp lite and I have to say I prefer the Bias version: more direct, a bit more like a real amp, and the amp sparkles a bit more (playing a Tele in this case). Now if I have to chose between getting the standard version of Bias (for another 11 hours at 50 dollars!) or separately buying a couple more of the Revalver amps, I think I’ll stick with Bias. In fact the lite version already has so much to offer me I don’t even need to update it.

Hey Evert, I know you weren’t asking me, but I owned Peavy stuff as well back in the day. :grin:



(And I still have back problems from cramming that cabinet into the back of my Volkswagen Beetle!)

I got Revalver years ago, but can’t remember if it came with my Peavey modeling amp or if I bought it. But it was such a nightmare to get working I totally gave up on it. Maybe I’ll try again, but between S-Gear, GTR, and Amplitube 3 & 4 I already have a zillion options for amps, and I really don’t think I need any more choices there. I already get lost cycling through presets as it is…

I have 2 of them from way back in the day. The Pacer was my first amp, but once I learned how to play guitar it didn’t have enough distortion for me, so I picked up a Decade which was much smaller but had good distortion (but sounded tinny). The Decade has a “preamp out” so I ran that to the input of the Pacer and had a kind of dual amp stack (of combo amps) with a blend of tones that satisfied me for some time. I don’t use them much anymore, except the Pacer can make a decent bass guitar amp if I don’t turn it up too loud.

I have the feeling that Peavey is not really a big name here in Europe. Quite a few of you guys in the States seem to have Peavy stuff around. I quite like it, although I would probably prefer Fender amps. The Peavey was a lot more affordable though :wink:
Only minutes before the (extended) Black Friday deal ran out I decided to lay down some cash for Bias Fx 2.
Great tone, loads of options!