Retarded Cubase 10 on Windows 10

I’ve installed Cubase upwards of a dozen times, without problems. But now I am trying to install Cubase AI on a Windows 10 machine, for teaching the kids how to produce tracks… it won’t work.
Comes up with… Cubase LE AI Elements 10.exe - System Error - when trying to run…
Allegedly, these files are missing…


… but when I search for them on the system, they are there…
There’s a suggestion that running the install procedure as admin might help…
So I have enabled the hidden Administrator account on Windows 10, but don’t know how to log onto it - depends on how the system is set up, a friend tells me…
The system manager for the school system is too busy with other stuff to help, and he didn’t know about the hidden Admin account anyway. I only have like half-hour slots where I can work on sorting this. Give me Windows 7 any time… AAaaarghhhhh.
In the ideal world, everybody goes back to VAX/VMS, just saying…


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Right click on installer file for Cubase, then choose Run as Admin.

If you need other program - look up Tracktion, it’s free.

Windows uses the environmental variable PATH to search for executables as well as dll/library files.
It’s possible that the PATH variable wasn’t modified during installation.

How to modify Windows env variables.

Not sure if it will work, but might be worth an experiment.

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Try right-clicking the installer, then “Run as administrator”.

Thanks, I will try uninstalling it, then re-installing as above…

Yep run as admin.
Windows 10 minefield!!!

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Curious to see if that did the trick for you

It should be there as a login option when you boot up the computer. If it’s not there, I suggest the enablement hasn’t fully worked.

Technically the same as logging on to the administrator account and installing from there, but in my experience, it doesn’t always work.

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Follow this guide:

You don’t have to login to “Admin” account, just follow instructions on my previous post, when you right click on the installer there’ll be an option to “Run as Administrator”.

Another part of the problem is I have limited access, in terms of time, to the machine. But the deputy principal has suggested installing Windows 7 on that machine instead now. So hopefully that can happen.

How to fix the missing concrt140.dll file on my win7?