Renegade , mix

Little rock mix today

lovin the surge of rock lately… never gets old.
nice arrangement there. Great Guitar sounds around 1min 50s - 2min.

Has a bit of a “detached” feel in the middle. Likely the balance of the vocals and the choice of the reverb for the vocals make it feel like the singer is in a separate space. 1:40 - 1:49 make it more apparent.

good movement overall. 2:40 till the end is my fav part

Hi ya, glad you like it and thanks for the feedback. I like that separated bit i thought it sounded rather cool lol .

yah it works :slight_smile: , just though Id point it out just in case it wasnt intentional

Thank you .You have a good ear and very talented. I watch your stuff on YouTube i love the flute .I love this track

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Thank you :slight_smile: