Relife Vs Perfect Declipper

Which one of these tools is better at repairing clipped recordings? I have Relife because it’s free, but I’m wondering if Perfect Declipper is worth the upcharge? Or is their some other type of declipping software that is the best?

Avoid clipping in the first place.

This is honestly more for use on new commercial releases for me. I can’t stand the way new records sound.

Ah, sorry. And yep, I agree. My lad does new stuff and revels in “Listen to the way it clips therer”. MADNESS.

Ha. It’s gotten to the point that I have started emailing the presidents of smaller labels asking them if I can buy the version of the album before it was mastered. With streaming services using replaygain I don’t see a point in making mixes 3 dB of dynamic range. Let the recording breathe damn it labels! Especially indie labels have no excuse. They’re already appealing to a specific market.

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