Refference before the final touch ? :)

Hi guys and girls,

I’m finishing up on a track I’m gonna use as a portfolio track and was wondering if I could get some pointers before I declare it done.

No mastering other then 2-3 db gain reduction compressor on the 2buss for a little bit of glue :slight_smile:


Enjoy !

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nice, very nice! Great clarity, great arrangement.
Seems to have a bit of a mix translation issue. If it was mixed on headphones, might want to check the mix in a car stereo or monitors. Specially the vocals, they seem ok on the headphones but they quickly get drowned in a surround or open air stereo environment. To a point that you don’t even notice them coming in at 00:28 and have to strain to listen to them. Its a constant struggle after that.
May need to manually ride them or maybe try a vocal doubler on it to make it cut through. They could use a bit more delay or slight coloration.

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Oh, thanks ! Gonna have to check that out. Might also be that I didn’t ride the faders hard enough cause I’m listening to it all day :smiley: I hope its that simple, haha.

Thanks for the heads up !

Pretty good overall. The vox are a tiny bit low in the verse. They come through more in the chorus.

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Thanks man! I feel like this is my best mix yet :slight_smile:.

Its probably my automation that needs some finetuning then. Thanks ! Gonna look into it next time.

@bozmillar @FluteCafe Hi guys, I redid the vocals and messed with some reverb tricks with saturated and compressed/gated reverbs. Gatted the vocal “space” and copressed the “tail” (hall). Also worked out the automation of the synths a bit better and also added some saturation to those.

If you find some time to check it out , that would be super nice :smiley:


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They seem fine now :slight_smile:

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Sounds pretty good overall, but I’m not hearing the vocal very well in the verse when he’s in his lower registers. Maybe you can clear out some more vocal space with EQ? Or sidechain the guiatrs to that vocal part so we can hear them better. Or maybe compress that section of the vocal to bring it forward more? Just some ideas. Sounds pretty good though! The kick in the solo section sounds like a machine gun! :astonished:

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What a tour de force, dude! But, even listening to the second mix I think the vocals are not getting through everywhere in the verses. But very very close. I don’t produce music nearly so loud and busy as you, but I recognize the fine tuning that must go in to achieve vocal clarity in a song like this. It should be easy to understand throughout, and in my opinion is better to slightly overcompensate than perhaps fail when listening in a car. It begs the question, did the vocalist or the guitarist mix this?

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Hi mate, thanks! :blush:
I think I just need to give it an extra db or two on those sections. And maybe I should also do some low cutting on the vocals. Seems like there’s some buildup there.

:grin: I’ll take that as a compliment! I made it an effort on this mix to NEVER use a high pass filter. Only subtractive eq on conflicting freq’s. Ofcourse also some color eq but nothing is high passed in this mix. Exept for some effect channels. Reverbs have high and low pass on them but thats about the only time :blush:.

Thanks man! I was going for that, haha :grin:. As mentioned above about the high pass, the idea was to keep as much energy of individual instruments as possible. Hope it translates. I will check the vocals again cause I guess you’re right :blush:. The chorus is ok, no?

Thanks for taking the time guys!