Redworks -Personal take on Personality

Redworks -Personal take on Personality


typical of me i have completed this a couple of times. I hope what i have mixed is worth a listen. I am happy to hear what i have mixxed (missed) this time or what i could have should have improved. This is for me more of a learning experience than a competition.


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The concept you have is great… there is some bass build up in the sub range get that tamed and it will help your drums step forward.


so by taming you mean pulling some out with eq? Just so i know for future reference.


Indeed, as a bass player you want have the bass supply bite as well as low end. Pushing it to heavy into the subs takes all the space your kick and toms needs… it is a give and take thing. I like to add a touch of drive to the bass to give it presence.


ok cool. i did think i pushed it pretty hard using some distortion from the trash2. But you know how it is after a while you get used to a sound and think it is something that is not. Thanks for the feedback.


Np remember the real secret to a bass is how you shape it in the mids…


Good to know.

  1. You need to be mixing with a subwoofer in order to check what’s going on down bellow 100Hz. It is impossible to know what’s going on down that low if you can’t hear it. If you don’t have a subwoofer, you can temporarily turn up the low frequencies on a stereo speaker pair and check what’s going on down there. Be careful that you don’t blow up your speakers, or wake the neighbors.

  2. Before I turned on my sub speaker, I was impressed with how well I could hear what the bass, vocals, and guitars were doing. I really liked the tone of the guitars in relation to the vocals. It is possible that you can’t hear what’s going on down bellow 100Hz, and if this is the case, you have a really good mix in the freqeucy range above 100Hz.

  3. Now for the producer’s comment. It is critical that the peak frequency of each instrument compliment the song as a whole, and what I really liked about YOUR mix was how well the vocals, bass & guitar fit together - specifically how their frequencies fit together. When you get these details correct, you bring something special to the mix.


Yeah i don’t have a sub woofer. If it were a mix for real i would have done more testing on different systems and had others listen to it (post in bash this section) then usually i or someone catches this type of issue. Thanks a lot for your feedback it is good to hear that otherwise i am on the right track.


Bashing as I listen:
I like the overall tones of this one. It’s punchy but not harsh, the ambiance is not overdone. I agree that there’s some low end build up especially during the chorus, when the bass is playing more sustained notes, so I guess better shaping the bass would address the loss of clarity there.
The lead guitar could have a little bit more mid range and less highs but it’s not off by much IMHO.
Quite solid overall. Good job! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback Patrick. I did play with the ambiance for a long time trying to get that balance.


sounds good red, one thing I have been doing to get the bsss to fit nicely together is listening to the kick finding the sweet spots such as around 60-80hz 2.5k to 4k and boosting them 2 or 3 db in a tight band and subtracting them from the bass this helps with the masking and helps them sit nicely but I like your mix . im still working on mine just haven’t had much time to work on it.


Thanks for the feedback Danny. I will have to give that a shot.


Nice mix Redworks. Really smooth.
I have nothing more to add to the conversation than the previous commenters.
If you fix those small bass issues the mix would take 50% up in my opinion.
Good luck!


Hi, I like the distorted guitar tone. The very first snare hits give away some ringing going on. Easy to fix with narrow notch in EQ. It’s a cool mix, but the bass is eating everything else alive. Cut/lower it and everything will sound better.


i wish if the guitars on the chorus had been a bit louder? bass sounds great, i suppose that you’ve re-amped it?


Thanks for the feedback. I ran the bass through izotopes trash2 with some compression and eq.


Excellent mix, Red!
I sure that those who commented on the bass subs and buildup will agree that you did not kill your mix with it. It holds up fine and taming the bass will only refine it and make room for the rest of your awesomeness… :slight_smile:
One thing that I see as a reoccurring theme is that at the end of the tune, the drums get slightly weaker. The guitar tracks as provided have some natural build to them. But the drums do not. They may even trail off a little. They just need a little help getting to the finish line…


Yeah i think you are right. Thanks for the feedback that is really helpful


Overall a nice mix. Little bit too much of bass (especially sub bass about 100 Hz). Too “good” kick vs. monumental bass line.
Good sound and level of vocal.
Good luck with competition.