RecordingReview Transplant

Hey everyone! I was just attempting to hop onto RR and was redirected to this site. Man what a bummer. I had been a member over there since 2007. Hadn’t been very active on the site in awhile due to having to be an adult and what not. Firing up the old gear and hope to keep making progress. Looking forward to talking with you all and learning from everyone’s experiences!

Take Care


Welcome back home @maschneid ! It will be a little different then RR , but you will be up and running in no time. If you did need help though just ask.

There are a bunch of us feeling a new-found excitement about record great music, dive right in.

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@maschneid, hey man. Good to see you back! most of the core members have ‘transplanted’ over here. It’s very much still RR without the buggy website and the nasty add banners.

What console are you using? I don’t recognize it :smiley: …Trident?? Maybe?

Welcome @maschneid! I’m glad you made it over! I hear you about the adulting thing. It takes up way too much valuable mixing time! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Let us know if you have any questions as you’re learning the new setup. And feel free to dive right into the topics. Have fun!!

Welcome. I look forward to reading you around

Welcome (back) Mike! Glad you found us. I agree that this place has most of the good stuff from RR and not much of the not-so-good. Hope you have fun!

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Ha that is not my console! I wish. That is actually the console from Jimmy Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios. I took the picture of it on vacation in Seattle while going the Experience Music Museum. They have a whole Jimi Hendrix walk through exhibit. Really cool stuff.


Welcome back. Glad you found us.

Hey man,welcome!

Im loving being apart of this kind of reunion thing going on. :smiley:


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Hey maschneid, great to have you back with us :slight_smile: