Recording using Zoom H4N pro

Recording using Zoom H4N pro


My band wanted to do a quick recording to honor Tom Petty. We practiced the song a few times (not the hardest of songs) and then just went for it. I recorded everything but the vocals using my Zoom H4N pro. To record the drums I used the built in mics for the overheads and two external mics for kick and snare. I recorded the bass using the H4N as an interface into logic and lastly used the built in mics into Logic to record the guitars. With set up and recording it took less than an hour to do. The next morning I did the vocals at home using an SM7b and my RME babyface. Is this the best recording ever? No, but we’re pretty happy with it considering it only took a few hours do record and mix. I think the H4N is a handy piece of gear to have around. That is all. Thanks.


Very cool - sweet vocal tone!


I really like this cover! Great job, and very interesting story. Nice to see something get done quick and well.

How did you come up with the name Phineas Gage for your YouTube channel? I know who he was, but I assume there’s a story there too. :wink:


You jacked that tempo way the hell up. Thanks for the swift kick in the ass. That is what rock and roll needs this generation in my opinion. Too many whiny nasal singers dressed like lumberjacks pouring their hearts out over a “perfect girl” they want to be sensitive too. I want another rock god to make me feel inferior damn it. Where’s the next “Given the Dog a Bone” or Smell the Glove esque album covers?


Thanks @ColdRoomStudio. I was a little out of my comfort zone. Not my “normal” singing voice.


@Stan_Halen we named our mascot Phineas Gage. Our first album cover is a picture of our mascot post self-lobotomy. He needed a name and I always remembered the story of the real Phineas Gage, who technically had the first frontal lobotomy.


@CPF. That’s about as slow as my band gets. It’s not just this generations rock and roll that needs swift kick. It’s the generation in general. Too many twenty-somethings year olds whining over everything but that’s a discussion for another thread. I’ll leave you with this. My band closed our show with this a few weeks ago.


Night Ranger all right! Can’t listen to it right now but I’ll give it a listen whenever I get back home.


I worked in a place that bought a H6. I hated the small screen and the fiddly menus. Until I started recording with it. I ended up using it to record 6 mics set up around a stage for band performances. If you’ve got a XY mic that fits on it, try recording an acoustic guitar in a semi dry location - you’ll be amazed at the quality!


My main reason for getting the H4N was just for quick live recordings at practice. I got it new for $160. The H6 seems like a sweet piece of gear. Six mics in a handheld has a lot of potential in a small package.


That’s some mighty fine axe strangling you’ve got there, nice job!


Wow, the H4N has been out for a few years now and the price has come down. I only see that price ($159) at B&H though, other retailers are $199. May I ask where you got yours?

The H6 does look pretty sweet, shows $349 at all places I looked. How does that Mid/Side mic attachment hook on, and is it bulky when you have that attached?

You have already given a testimonial on the H4N, a full review of H4N and H6 (if possible) would be really cool. :slightly_smiling_face:


I got mine at GC a few months ago. My brother bought me something for an x-mas grab five years ago from GC and never bought anything since. Every three months or so they send him a 20% off coupon which he forwards to me. It was listed $199.99 and they honored the coupon. I never get the 20% myself. Only a 15%. Knowing what I know now about how useful the H4N is and after reading about the H6, I would probably buy the H6 if I was to do it over again. With six inputs I could record the drums the way I do now along with guitar and bass. Great on the fly recording.

On a side note. How do I quote someone when using an iPhone?


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Hey it worked. Thanks


This wasn’t recorded with my H4N but because of the H4N I started using X/Y mic placement for overheads. In our crappy room I feel I get a better overall drum sound with X/Y. Never tried it before until I started using the Zoom.