Recording on 100-Year-Old Equipment


That was very cool boss. Wax??? I was thinking at the end they would EQ that etc and at least listen to the metal band. ha ha

I think there is a part 2. I didn’t realize it ended so abruptly before a I shared this. lol. Either way, it’s cool to see this. :beerbanger:

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Looks like I’ll be shelling out for an Edison wax cylinder now. Just listen to those tasty analog harmonics! Puts high resolution digital to shame. 100x the mojo.

And here I was waiting for someone to place their recording equipment on top of a coffin. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t show up on YouTube that I can see. Any idea where to find it?

Only reason I saw the whole thing was to listen to the metal band…I imagine it wouldn’t be pleasant but it would’ve been interesting.

I’m trying to track down that part of the video. As soon as I find it, I’ll post it :slight_smile:

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