Recording Academy updates recommendations for high resolution music

The Recording Academy (Grammy Awards) has released an update on the recommendations for high resolution music production. A worthwhile read.


Appears to be pretty straightforward, which is encouraging. I wonder how big of a market they can promote through high resolution recordings, but in any event anything that increases the income stream should be good for everybody.
One of the things that stuck out to me was the suggestion that it was not a good idea to master in MP3. Who the hell would send an MP3 master to a record company for promotion?

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Dummies, you’d be surprised actually. I’m sure someone has sent an .amr file. I’ll have to read that, when I do I’ll get back to you all.

It looks like Warren Huart predicted it (96/24) after all, per my thread from a few weeks ago.

Then again, the doc has a “5-10-17 Final” date stamp on it, so maybe he saw it before we did? When was this released to the ‘public’?

Heck, he may have even been involved in that document for that matter!

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