Recommend me VST 32bit to 64bit wrapper for Studio One

I guess I’m taking the plunge. Probably will go for a new gaming quality high end PC running Win10 and might as well spruce up all the rest of the software.
Right now I am running Studio One 2 (32bit) and will move up to the already purchased 64bit version Studio One 4. I have a load of freeware vsts that I’d like to take with me to the new DAW/PC and mainly doing the move as the Ozone and T-Racks plugs that I have are not doing too hot on the current platform, and I’d like to use more than one instance during my mixes.

So - what would you suggest as vst wrappers?

I’m not sure what you’re asking? Do you want to keep your 32 bit plugins?? Ditch the 32 bits already. Any plugin company still viable will make 64 bit plugins. Also, you don’t mention which version of Studio One you’re using, but if it’s not Professional, you’re going to have to pony up for 3rd party VST support. Lastly, enjoy the 64 bit world! :+1:

I have S1 Pro. I use 3rd party freeware plugins and quite a few from manufacturers that are now defunct. Camel Audio, Bretbaen (sp?) plugins, MDA-VST, amp plugins like Lepou, etc.

I was thinking that was the case. Sorry, I’m of no help. I do know there’s a JBridge product of something that does this, but people seem to complain about it a lot. Maybe check out the Presonus forum? …or just ditch them and use 64 bit plugs. :grinning:

MDA and Lepou have 64 bit versions. I would strongly suggest just dumping the 32 bit only plugins. They will just have more and more issues as time goes on. I think even the wrappers are pretty much defunct by this point.

When I switched to 64 bit years ago, I was worried about losing all my 32 bit plugins. I have yet to find a plugin that is 32 bit only that doesn’t have a better, newer 64 bit alternative for free.

Soapbox aside, jBridge still seems to be the most common wrapper that people still use.

CamelPhat, a JBL analog tape plugin that I use on almost everything, and the MDA-VSTs are probably what I use all the time and will have hard time dumping. Amps, etc. - I do have newer ones that can do 64-bit so I won’t be too devastated on that front.

Maybe you’re right…I’ll just have to take the plunge while keeping my older system working.

You can get mda stuff in 64 bit.

Thanks Boz, that’s great!

Mixcraft 64 bit has automatic invisible 32 bit wrappers. They work very well but they are a resource hog.