Rebranding theme song


It certainly has been a spell since I have been about. I have been picking myself up off the floor again in spurts throughout my while apart.

By the beginning of Covid I had 98 songs recorded in the 5 years leading up to the pandemic. I haven’t really written anything new since.

I was trying to increase my skills in the mix and master departments with all the tracks on my table. The table got too big and the headache from bashing my head against the wall made my sleeps, when they did occur, restless.

I chose to rebrand again after getting thwarted by a ruthless gang of trolls while trying to reconnect with friends at Drooble. “da gibberish pedlar” is the handle one pulls when grabbing for my attention now, lol. Most of my life it seems I’ve been difficult to understand so I thought the title fit. None has said it is stupid so, yeah going with it.

Anyways, “Butt Gibberish” came out in 2019 and sometime awhile after exporting a full and an instrumental mix off for mastering, a device update ate my master recording! GACK! I was devastated!

When I wrote the lyrics, I was thinking Vampires, butt, things may have gotten too subtle, I dunno I think I need a thorough Bashing from the Community here!

ps. Is there a way to edit one’s Profile? I have looked but not noticed.

thank you from your mostly sometimes friendly virtual neighborhood pedlar of gibberish
devyn anthony


Cool song, I like it, sonically complex but I can still hear all the parts I think. Can’t understand most of the lyrics but that’s probably me. Kind of a twisted pop style I guess, not sure who to compare this with. Too bad about the master; backups are a must I guess.

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Thank you for your thoughts.

Backups are only a fantasy for me, memory space is limited but, from the experience, I learned not to delete a previous mix while working on a new one nor prior to it being settled upon as done. A couple grand in upgrades would be sweet and it would correct a whole whack of technical headaches so, yeah, still buying lottery tickets, lol.

I forgot to include the lyrics in the post, my bad.

Thank you

Hi Devyn,
Very interesting beat and measure, I like it.
High quality recording!!!
A lot of lovely twist in this song, makes it more interesting.
I like the song, and the jolly vibe!
Lottery is a good plan, for now.
Keep 'em coming!

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Equipment is always an issue so we do what we can, obviously you are doing quite well with your current set up. But memory is cheap, all you need is a couple of USB flash drives and you can store a lot of stuff. Put one over with a friend or relative in case of fire or theft. Or put some stuff in iCloud, Google Drop Box or iDrive. Quick easy and free, just saying.


Hey Rene,

“High quality recording”, is not the usual phrase I get but I will take it gladly, lol.

Thank you

Yup, I hear and agree with you but check this anyway…

I never used the iCloud for my music. In the beginning of my Apple experiences I tried to use the storage option for my growing photo collection. Things didn’t go as thought and I abandoned trying to figure it out. Recently, within the past year, an update automatically uploaded four of the songs I was working on into the Cloud and alerted me that I now needed to purchase more space, lol, not, you’re targeting starving artists desperate not to lose their stuff… those cruel money mongers I guess need to fund their private jets and islands in the Pacific so I shouldn’t be so critical of their intentions, lol.

Okay, now I’m, no question, rambling and my punctuation is likely atrocious.

“Quick easy and free”…
you’re chatting with the almost totally technically disadvantaged. Quick and easy is a 2 year process!


and yes I forgot how to place quotes from members in my replies

Well it probably won’t help! :slight_smile:

I know you have a lot of songs and I’m sure that the DAW tracks etc. add up to a lot of space. Right now external USB drives sell for about $50 a terabyte (1000 gigabytes). That’s a pretty good life’s work stored for a reasonable price even if you need several. When you look at the labor and expense a lot of artists of the past went through to preserve their work we have it pretty easy now days really, but it still requires some work and effort. You’ve told us what happens when you don’t make that effort.

The good news is that your friendly IRD staff here would be happy to talk you through the process. As we know of course, " talk is cheap" :rofl:

I really enjoyed the track - it has great energy and drive… Musically, it sounds like sort of a kooky take on New Orleans Blues/Jazz in the vein of Doctor John. I really dig the sense of danger that the slightly chaotic edge-of-dissonance in the playing brings to the table. It has a rich flavour that stands out in a world where a lot of music is really bland.

From what I recall of your previous mixes, you definitely have come a long way with your mixing and production skills. This has clarity, definition and punch - nice! One thing I noticed is that the mix is either completely mono, or very close to it - was that intentional? Working in stereo definitely allows more opportunities to create separation and interest in a busy mix like this.

The vocals are the main area where I think the mix could improve. I’m not talking about the performance - I really like all the quirky stuff you do with your voice… The vocal just needs a bit more definition in the mix - probably more high end/ high mids would help the defining consonants come out, and thus make the lyrics more intelligible.

I hear a lot of vocal layering too - which is great for all the textures it brings - but again, to retain intelligibility, it’s really important to have those vocal layers be really tight (timing-wise) with each other, otherwise the definition of each syllable becomes smeared, and intelligibility is compromised somewhat.

The music was intriguing and made me want to listen again. Nice work!

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Hey Andrew,

Thank you for listening and the reply you gave. I’d like to explain it all specifically but as the dingaling that I am, I cannot for the freak life of me figure out how to quote from another’s reply… urg! I’m sure it is so simple that I’ll probably be once again embarrassed, however, as the brain racker that I am and pushing some boundaries, lol, you gave me the topic of my next post… thanks.

Mono or mono sounding was not intentional.

I think all in all, this is an un-editable mix in my hands. Someone experienced with more and better gear could fix some of the mix, right now all I can manage is fiddling with the mastering and dang it now you got me pondering… “did I master and release in mono?” noooooooooooooooo!

Because the master recording got eaten, I have thought to maybe re-record it from scratch but heck if I remember what the freak I did! It would be a monumental undertaking for me individually but, having a group do it live would be super duper! Yup… I miss performing live a whole dang lot!

Thank you again and check for my next rambling where I address some of the issues you mentioned.