Reaper: What happens if you freeze a folder/buss track?

Just curious. I didn’t have anything handy to try it on that I didn’t want to mess up. Just wondering if anybody has done this? Does it create an audio track from all the subtracks in the folder (like if you solo’d that buss), or does it not even work properly? I can’t find any articles that mention it at all either.

To try to be more clear, say you have a Guitars folder (buss track) with 4 guitar tracks in the folder. And rather than freeze individual guitar tracks you just freeze the folder/buss track. Does that create something like a Stem audio track on the folder/buss track, or does it just make all the tracks in the folder individually frozen?

Its no different to rendering any other track .Freeze you can un freeze but render you cant

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OK, thanks! I’ll give it a try as soon as I get a chance.