Reaper Scanning Plugin Problem

Has anyone had this issue?

I try to load a plug-in in Reaper and I get this never ending stall…with a window that says “scanning 2/7 Tee/ Sink to Sinkconverter”

I’ve been waiting for it to load for awhile but nothing happening yet. This has happened before but it eventually load the plug-in …,eventually.

Does anyone know why this is happening?

I did a quick check on the Reaper Forum… seems to be something to do with DX plugins?

Might be time to update your version of Reaper?

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Hey Andrew, I checked the Reaper forums yesterday and read a recent post about this issue. The last guy who posted about it said he was using the latest version of Reaper. He said he was using 6.45v, I think it was.

I will check around those DX plugins to see if I can find a solution, though. Thanks for your help, sir.

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Could be worser friend. The troublemaker could be a guy named grim

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I’ve been running from that bugger all my life, but I can feel him gaining momentum on me. I always view life like a boxing match… We can fight for a few rounds, get the crapped kicked out of ourselves by “life”, and if we’re good enough we can land a few good punches, but eventually we all get KO’d before the final bell in the twelfth round, if we can make it that far. Look at Betty White, who recently passed away. She was one of the few that made it to the final round.

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I think there’s 2 ways to look at it:

  1. How many years did you live, and how many obstacles or roadblocks did you defeat/bypass?
  2. How did you live your life? Were you joyful and loving and helpful to as many people as possible? How many tyrants did you stand up to or against? How often did you speak truth to power? How often did you make a difference in the game of “life”? In other words, was the world better off with you or without you.

It’s the quality vs. quantity analysis. If you lived a quality life, your soul can be at peace. And as the saying goes … “Nothing Else Matters”.

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I always knew there was somethin special bout you. bingo

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Starting at version 6.something, reaper’s open time has slowed down a ton for me. It has a new rescan method that takes forever on my computer. I kept to the older version (I don’t remembe which version it was) for a long time because of this, then finally gave in and upgraded. i get annoyed every time I open reaper, and I can’t seem to find anybody having the same issue.

Yikes! The troubles you’re having with the DAW makes me slightly hesitant to upgrade Reaper.

It’s just the scanning when opening, and it’s a minor annoyance. It used to take about 5 seconds to open up reaper. Now it takes 30.

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Yup, I notice it randomly doesn’t like to scan my Waves plugs, which run on their own license. Particularly Schepps Omni Channel. I don’t know if Waves just takes longer to verify their license, since the grand majority of what I use is part of Reaper. It’s a minor annoyance that generally gets fixed by closing and reopening the project, especially since the Omni Channel works pretty well on vocal groupings, so it gets added to a lot of my projects at some point.