Reaper, Error initializing ASIO driver?

Hey gang, every time I try to record or play in Reaper I get this pop up window…It says

**There was an error opening the audio hardware: **
Error initializing ASIO driver

Earlier today I changed my audio device settings from ASIO to “Direct Sound” and now I set it back to ASIO and clicked “OK”…, (I would like to click “Apply” but I can’t because it is grayed out)…Anyway, what I’m doing isn’t solving the problem. I never had this issue before when doing changing my audio device settings back and forth. I can’t do anything with Reaper, and I just get that pop up error when I try to record or play.

Anyone know of a possible solution?


dumb question, but have you tried rebooting your computer? I know that when my interface goes into crazy mode, the only thing I can to get it working again is rebooting.

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That doesn’t sound dumb at all.

I’m going to give it a try right now. Thanks Boz!

It worked Boz !

You’re a damn genius !

Thanks again.

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I have had it happen on a few occasions, and if I unplug the USB cable for the audio interface, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in, that has worked. Didn’t even have to reboot.

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Check that nothing else on the PC is using the ASIO. _anything that uses sound.

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Sounds like either another program screwing up your asio settings or a usb drop out. If it keeps happening check what else is using the soundcard and check your usb power settings. But its prob ok now if its started after a reboot :+1:

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I get the same error frequently after leaving my computer and audio interface for a significant time without switching them off. Rebooting is always necessary, and always work.

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You mean what I said?

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Lol. Yes. Sorry i never read the previous posts first lol

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Boz should get a job at a IT help desk.

boooooooooo. That’s the part of my job that I don’t like.

You’re so good at it though. I’ll have to include it in the song.

I am having the same problem! And after restarting the computer, there is still an error opening the audio hardware.


Attached is what the screen looks like when my keyboard is turned on, and the cord connects it to my PC. Reaper P-45 error.pdf (287.8 KB)

This …

And this.

I only occasionally have this issue and either of these actions will fix the problem.

I haven’t looked at the PDF link/ download because it appears to be a download and I have no idea if I can trust it, as it was posted by a new poster who has just one single post on this site. Does anyone know if it’s safe to click link?