Reaper, Error initializing ASIO driver?

Reaper, Error initializing ASIO driver?
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Hey gang, every time I try to record or play in Reaper I get this pop up window…It says

**There was an error opening the audio hardware: **
Error initializing ASIO driver

Earlier today I changed my audio device settings from ASIO to “Direct Sound” and now I set it back to ASIO and clicked “OK”…, (I would like to click “Apply” but I can’t because it is grayed out)…Anyway, what I’m doing isn’t solving the problem. I never had this issue before when doing changing my audio device settings back and forth. I can’t do anything with Reaper, and I just get that pop up error when I try to record or play.

Anyone know of a possible solution?



dumb question, but have you tried rebooting your computer? I know that when my interface goes into crazy mode, the only thing I can to get it working again is rebooting.


That doesn’t sound dumb at all.

I’m going to give it a try right now. Thanks Boz!


It worked Boz !

You’re a damn genius !

Thanks again.


I have had it happen on a few occasions, and if I unplug the USB cable for the audio interface, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in, that has worked. Didn’t even have to reboot.


Check that nothing else on the PC is using the ASIO. _anything that uses sound.


Sounds like either another program screwing up your asio settings or a usb drop out. If it keeps happening check what else is using the soundcard and check your usb power settings. But its prob ok now if its started after a reboot :+1:


I get the same error frequently after leaving my computer and audio interface for a significant time without switching them off. Rebooting is always necessary, and always work.


You mean what I said?


Lol. Yes. Sorry i never read the previous posts first lol


Boz should get a job at a IT help desk.


boooooooooo. That’s the part of my job that I don’t like.


You’re so good at it though. I’ll have to include it in the song.