Radial JDX Mic/Amp Simulator

I recently purchased the radial JDX DI. It is a DI that goes between the head and speaker of a stack or combo. I got it on clearance for $50 so I figured I’d give it a shot. I did a quick recording to test it out and since I’ve used it at about 10 live gigs. I really like it and FOH engineers have loved it as well. I don’t have to worry about mic placement and I can keep my stage volumes down. I do have a live gig recorded that I will post after I get my console rewired. I will be using it while recording over the next bit to see if it can be blended with a mic. I did not imagine liking this thing, but I really love it!


So it takes the power output of the amp and brings it down to line level? So you can set your amp to a sane level and send the distorted (but not cabbed) sound to the FOH?

Does FOH put it through a cab emulator before sending it out? If so, what do they use?

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Yes, you have the first part correct. It gives FOH a good sounding line level that needs no cab emulation.

Here are some files from a session I did a few days ago.

There is the JDX, a Sm57 and a wunder cm7 condenser. The sm57 sounds the closest to what it was like in the room.

There was some eq while recording to get what I needed. This was meant to be an indie sloppy overdriven type guitar tone.


Sm 57

Wunder CM7

All mic combined