Quicksand mix

Quicksand mix
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Any feedback would be great ,cheers .



Good song, the bass could be clearer though, It just sounds like it’s barely there in parts of the song, I can hear it in the choruses, and it sounds like it might be doing something cool, but it’s kinda dull sounding if that makes sense. Maybe needs more treble or something. Also I feel like the weird mouth noises at 1:43 should be quieter, more in the background instead of right up front as loud as the main vocal.


Right off the bat I feel like the vocals of the intro could be a little further forward. I get the effect you are going for but i think that you would still get the same value from the effect. i think some delay/s on that intro vocals would be cool as well (i love delays). otherwise i just enjoyed the song and the mix didn’t distract me at all. On second listen i would say that the guitar on the left could be high passed a little more leaving a little more space for the bass and kick. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Like your voice. I wonder what the intro would sound like without the organ? Doesn’t for me?? just vocals and maybe something really different instrumentaly . wow, there are some strange elements in here. Like the whole quicksand thangy… the verdict is still out for me for the entire song. I will revisit later. thanks for posting




Cheers for the fantastic feedback everyone .Not me singing Feaker just mixing it.


I loved this song, everything except the weird mouth bit in the middle, I was feeling it, I was into it and that just ripped me away from the moment where I was enjoying good music.
If the band insists on keeping it, bury it under a ton of reverb so it works as texture in the background.

The intro isn’t quite there yet, I liked the vibe you were going for but I think it would work better if you added some reverb/delay to the vocals, make it feel like they’re singing at the top of a mountain.
Otherwise I think this is great, just listening on headphones so I’m not sure about the bass, I’ll take another listen to it when I get home. Good work.