Quick New Room Test

Just the very bare-bones start of a mix, but I’m in a new room…Is it in the ballpark, frequency-wise?

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Sounds good on my iPad, but that’s no real indicator. Lol

I was just giving this a listen again and I’m going to check at home from the monitors. From here it sounds a touch strong in the upper mids and a little lacking on the low-end, but it could certainly be these speakers. I’ll check again this evening :wink:

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How did I miss this? Anyways … I am getting a sense of yearning, like hopeful optimism. The lyrics need to dive deep here, find a topic that you can lay your heart wide-ass open and not feel ashamed you left yourself so vulnerable. Go for it.

Wink wink, If you imprinted all these feelings I just gathered in 1:31 , I would say your room is fine.

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@ColdRoomStudio man I came back to this again ! There is a huge powerful song in this. I would not embellish the music track anymore. The vocals is where this will turn into something stellar! No shit, seriously, I love this.

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overall tone sounds great to me. I do feel a little bit of a rumbly low end in the guitars. I can tell it’s from the guitars because it’s panned wide.

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Why are neither of fH fH’s songs showing up to play?

Here for me, on phone using chrome browser

hmmm interesting

I refreshed and it was there. i don’t know why.

i`ve noticed on a lot of your latest mixes your drums sound so good! your kick especially has a nice thick tone but still punchy without being overpowering. the whole mix sounds very analog (in a good way) are you using those slate vtm/vcc etc? as it just sounds amazing.

you really have mastered the kick/bass relationship. really digging your work man. you are killin it!

mix is very wide though but thats good for me makes it sound full

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