Quick check ths drum template please

hows the overall sound? how is the snare? im a little worried the snare doesnt really sustain much…then again it may be fine

no reverb on this, just room sounds mixed in. No bus compression but about 3db SSL channel strip compression on most tracks

The snare sounds like it has the mids scooped out a bit much, giving it a “pinched” sound.

Also, the cymbals have a pretty harsh feeling attack to them. There’s a low mid oomph in the cymbals should probably be taken care of.

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So where’s the template?

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To be honest, those drums sound really nice from where I’m listening, I like the snare sound, it matches the kit.
If your plan is to release this drum performance a standalone track, I wish you all the best.
If your plan was to incorporate music into these drums, uploading a solo drum track without context is pointless.

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you just heard it lol. Lord willing im going to write at least 5 songs using that drum sound to get the songs ready for the upcoming “5 for 5” songwriting challenge in a couple weeks

Its a template from where I sit because its saved into Reaper and I can just throw my drum midi into it and start laying down guitars

what were u expecting? lol

BTW its EZD2 ‘Progressive’ pack with Ludwig SS drums and its the “original mix” version so it has all the individual tom mics etc. Its a bit overkill for me because it has 3 different kick in mics (RE20, B52, D112), kick out, kick sub and then it has separate dyn and cond mics on the snare top, plus snare btm.

So to me it has unneeded complexity BUT its one of the only expansion packs that has kick in/out, snare top/btm PLUS individual tom mics

It has OH, room, mono room and then an “under kit” mic and it has lots of manual control over the individual mic bleed so overall its a really flexible exp pack

people always say that but (obviously) I disagree. I think every step along the way can and should be critiqued. Why build the whole house only to have someone come along and tell you the foundation isnt level?

or they could say things like:

I like that kit better than the last one you used

Snare is way too loud

Where is the kick attack?

why so compressed?

I wouldnt see any of those comments as pointless

should drums sound awesome without other instruments?

why test solo drums?

because Poundcake

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It does sound like a decent starting point but you won’t really know until you start using it. All you can do is pay attention to the tweaks you make as you get going.

Terry, I think Jon is trying to pre-emotively avoid major blemishes in the overall project by looking at certain pieces. I see what you’re saying, but its like me asking for a critique on a steak seasoning strait out of the bottle. Of course its gonna change when it goes on the steak. Or it may end up going strait into a soup. Who knows. But the point assumes if there WAS a major problem in the individual element, it would LIKELY cause a problem in the whole.

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patience, it’ll be along eventually lol

I like that kit better than the last one you used

Yeah sure, if we were actually A/Bing kits

Snare is way too loud

Irrelevant without music

Where is the kick attack?

Again, without the accompanying music, pretty much irrelevant

why so compressed?

Sure, if it was overly compressed. Like I said right off the bat, I thought the drums sounded nice, but as we all know, what drums sound like before and after the music goes down is two different things.

why test solo drums? because Poundcake

Fair enough, I look forward to hearing your drum solo.

Yep sure, if he’d just live-tracked these drums I could understand fully. Let’s be realistic here, how many “major blemishes” do you think you’re going to encounter with drum tracks fresh out of EZ Drummer? It’s all pretty clean right off the bat.
The point I’m trying to make is, how many times have you started with a particular drum sound, and worked your way right through a song to it’s completion without altering that initial drum sound in some way? The answer is never.

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hehe, youre obviously not too familiar with my mixes

In all fairness though bro, the initial drum sound “fresh out of EZ Drummer” hasn’t really got anything to do with your mixing.

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haha, u aint hearing me

I can f^&% up a mix before I even boot up the laptop

u want 20 quick examples of me screwing up ez drummer? I guess i could post them but u can also just look thru my back history lol

of course, to actually answer your comment…are you implying you’d put out music with your name on it using bone stock EZD2 sounds?

yeah, me neither

Not that I’ve used EZ Drummer in years, but, in general, if I could get away with using a certain ‘stock’ drum sound, and retain as much of the original character as possible within a mix I would. At the end of the day, that’s why we choose specific kits or drums in the first place, because we like how they sound, is it not?
Unfortunately, as soon as we add music, for whatever reason, we inevitably have to alter drum sounds to accommodate, and compliment other elements. This is unavoidable, and especially with rock music, where drums can get lost in a mix quite easily.
I guess the only thing to do, would be to compare your solo’d drums in the OP with your completed track, and see how closely they resemble each other.
Then we’ll see why critiquing midi drums out of context is a waste of time.

I appreciate the input, but basically this is just your philosophy vs someone elses. It would be a waste for YOU to do it

Like I say, finish the track and let’s see.

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ok. (whatever lol)

JJ, FWIW don’t get caught up in the minutia of all of this! If it’s a songwriting challenge, and a tough one at that, use whatever drums inspires you. Personally, I think that guitar lick is killer and has lots of potential. Forget the drum sounds, use whatever inspires you, and write a song. THAT’S the most fundamental piece period. The rest can be worked out later. Peaceout. :sunglasses:

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ill have my mix of BMTH “Doomed” up soon. Im sure there will be plenty to sink your teeth into there hehe