Question about EZ/Superior (Toontrack) software compatibility

Hey guys. I may need to pick up a copy of EZ drummer.

If a client sends me an EZ drummer 2 file, I know I can open it with EZ 3 but v2 is not compatible. So I’d need a copy of EZ 2 which should be relatively easy to find (no pun intended). It probably wouldn’t kill me to keep a copy of superior handy if I can get a the upgrade at a discount.

So my question is if you have to surrender your license for EZ2 when you upgrade to EZ3 or if its like BFD where you can have BFD2 and BFD3 as 2 separate plugins and use either when needed.

Does the software also let Superior live side by side EZ? Or does it force you to port the plugin to the higher teir version like Vienna and Synthogy do?

I’m also curious if you can buy a copy of EZ2 used and if anyone happens to know if license transfers are possible. Up till this point that client has had to dump their EZ stems into .wav files which has a been a major headache for both of us. He’s sent enough for over here and has enough on its way to make it worth while to upgrade if it makes any sense at all to do it.

In the past, I had Superior and EZD running side by side. I think that’s still the case

I bought a used copy of the original EZdrummer from a guy on Craigslist and they do allow license transfers for that. I don’t see any reason they wouldn’t allow a license transfer for EZ2.