QOTSA Guitar Tones Explained

I’ve always admired the out of left field guitar tones on “Songs for the Deaf”…

Here’s how they were gotten:



I LOVE when I get to hear tones that are ‘out of the norm’. Even when they aren’t something that I’d use personally, they are somehow inspiring to me when I hear stuff like this. I also love how well he explains it all AND provides examples. Killer video!!

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Yeah, if you look at his room tones, his eq, amp & guitar choices, it pretty much completely flies in the face of what constitutes “good” guitar tone… but that’s what made it so compellingly different.

Also, drums were recorded separate from cymbals to create a very roomy (albeit claustrophobically roomy) relatively distant-miced, highly compressed sound. This interview explains how they did it starting at 27 minutes in:

I love how the “myhstery” of how such tones were created is that the maker ignored the “biblical” guidelines for “proper” guitar tones.
In otherwords, they ignored words like good, proper, best, sweet etc etc etc and used creativity instead.
I guess there is one rule for sound engineering. Make it sound how you want it to sound and screw anyone who says “that’;s not the way to do it”.