ProTools Plugins?

Hey ProTools users? How do you like your native plugins? Are there any ex-PT users who wishes they had access to the PT plugins? I had no idea that AIR Music Technology was the manufacturer and that the plugins were available in VST format. They are lot of them - are they any good??

(Currently $20 - no idea how long they’re on sale.)

Hey man. They’re definitely good, but my personal favorites in there (like reverb One, Tel-Ray, the Real Tape suite and X-form) don’t seem to be in there.

If you like having a lot of plugins at your disposal, for $20 you can’t go wrong. Then again… it would be nice to have them in Logic and Nuendo. I dunno… Hmmmm… that means they’re in Ableton too. And Machine can use them. Tempting.

Ugh… seriously?


I’m not doing this.

The old me would have, but really… the sheer utter pointlessness of getting those just to have them in Nuendo on top of the entire Waves, UAD, SoundToys and PA libraries just doesn’t do any good.

But that doesn’t mean others shouldn’t consider this! :wink: :wink:

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Haha! Your posts sound a lot like my inner dialog. Even for $20 bucks, I’m pretty certain I’ve already got these covered. I was kind of curious to hear which ones PT users liked. So thanks!