Progress - A Remix

…So I’ve all but finished my second album now, but I wanted to revisit the first mix I did on it, because I was never really happy with it… I got just a little too close to it and ended up over-mixing it, I think… so I revisited it now that I have a bit of distance and perspective, and I pretty much remixed it from the ground up.

I think this is a pretty good improvement, and I think I’m just about ready to send the album off for mastering, but I just thought I’d post this up for any comments before I move on. Thanks in advance for giving it a listen:

PS. Thanks to Bob @StylesBitchley for your excellent lead work on this!


sounding great! any arrangement change?
only thing that sort of jumped out to me was at 1:45. Some kind of consonant boost is making it slightly pitchy and jumpy at the start of the phrase “some say” but it still works.

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Bob did a fabulous work on guitars.
The vocals are great, and the harmonies are fab.
The single vocals need a bit of reverb imho.
This version is definitely not over-mixed. I like this.

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No, I kept it all the same.

Ok thanks, I’ll check that out.

Yes indeed - as he always does!

Thanks - I wanted to keep the start pretty “apparently” dry - There is actually quite a bit reverb on it. Probably not as obvious in speakers as it is on headphones, though - also quite a bit of delay. If you listen to it closely, you’ll hear some reverb/delay vocal FX “throws” in certain spots during the first verse. I’m pretty happy with how the vocal is sitting for that section.

Thanks Rene!

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Any other thoughts on this?

No nits from me. And as a bonus I’ll enter you in the interesting intro thread!

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I got nuthin. It’s just damn good. congrats

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