Prodigal son

New mix

First thing that jumps out is the vocals. They don’t stand out. I feel like they need some gentle tuning and can be pushed harder into the compressor. Also the guitars could be opened up both with panning and eq to give some more space to the vocals. That is my first reaction. Thanks for sharing.

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I agree with @redworks Eric’s comments here. I think the main issue is the snare. As weird as it sounds to say it, the problem is that is sounds too good! …It sounds sound present and punchy, that it almost sounds out of place in the song. It’s almost like all the other elements in the track need to be brightened and polished to match it.

Yeah that is is just one track and you wont change that to much whatever you do.It needs a sample of bottom snare under it really,or something.

This has great potential. I do not like the drums at all. Just don’t fit IMHO. The chorus is close tho. Like her voice

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I tried dirtying it up in the low mids a bit, while cleaning up the high mids - maybe it helps.