Pro Tools super slow to load - windows

Has anybody seen this and know a solution? When I try to launch PT 2018.10 on my PC, it loads suuuuuuper slow. It takes about 20 minutes to open every time. It gets stuck in the same spot every time (loading plugin). If I delete that plugin from the folder, it just gets stuck on a different plugin the next time it opens. It always gets stuck on the first one and hangs for about 20 min.

I’ve upgraded. I’ve trashed the prefs. I’ve removed the plugins folder from windows defender. Nothing seems to be working. PT 10 still loads fine. It’s just PT 2018 that takes forever.

Here’s the screen it gets stuck on.


Any other ideas I can try to prevent PT from hanging every time it boots. It’s making it nearly impossible to test plugins in PT.

I haven’t used Pro Tools much in the last few years, and my version is very old, so I’d probably have no idea on this new PT stuff. However, if you’re using it on Mac and you upgraded to Mojave that might be an issue. I heard on a podcast, in passing, something about don’t upgrade to Mojave OS yet for audio rigs. Still some problems or something. It might have even been specifically referring to Pro Tools, but I don’t remember.


Don’t use Pro Tools… but saw this on the Avid site:


blast, didn’t work. I’m just going to try downgrading to 2018.4. I don’t remember it ever being this much of an issue until I upgraded to 2018.10.

completely uninstalled pro tools, reinstalled 2018.4. Still slow. Kill me.


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