Pro tools HD in a federal jail?

Pro tools HD in a federal jail?


Interesting. I don’t know if you have anyone living with you, but if you do, I wonder if they all have the same opinion as you.


Yes. You need to draw a line on what constitutes luxury vs necessity.

I realize that line is not mine to draw if its not my own money or taxpayer money. Though I’m not a citizen of Norway, I do get to ask questions, and mine is this: Why don’t we also let a private donor give these prisoner designer clothing, jewelry, boutique furniture for their jail cells, and a yacht to sail around that waterway?

The logical answer seems to be it exceeds the scope and purpose of their rehabilitation (even according to Norway) and essentially accomplishes nothing toward their ultimate goal. So no. I wouldn’t allow it even if I was a Norwegian government official and fully bought into their ideology.


My wife lives with me and the topic has not been raised.


The curtainly not my intention. We agreed on that earlier saying we interpret it differently. But then you state it again as fact, presuming your interpretation is the right one.

I’m not saying you are an SJW, I was trying to point out that your sentense there is basically the same way formulated then and SJW makes their arguments. Not seeing my facial expression while saying this to you might give the impression that I’m trying to lable you, but the smiley in there so . . .

Saying I have the right to be protected from anything potentially bad is basically the only argument and SJW ever makes, so I found it at least a bit funny how you frased that.

You have every right to feel that way, but does any one have to do anything because you feel that way ? Either you believe in second chances, or you don’t. If you don’t, whats the point in having anything other then life long sentences?

The reason I brought up the violence is because you don’t believe that any of this works. At least thats what I got from your earlier responces such as:

Fact is, it does work, and my argument is one of those facts that back this up.