Printing...... and done ! draft mix for WHY WAIT


Just confirming, this isn’t meant to be your official entry for the contest, is it?

yes… not official…

I’ll pull the rating then :wink:
We’ll reserve that for the official one. It’ll prevent confusion

got it… agree it’s better that way… :slight_smile:

Guitars and vocals sound great, as do the drums and bass. I’m finding the kick and bass aren’t really “connecting” with each other though. Perhaps a touch more sub lows for the bass so that it “wraps around” the kick better.

One other thing: The kick beater is super “ticky” (I was going to say “clicky” but this is higher than what I think of as “clicky”, hence the term “ticky”) I’m hearing a fairly big boost around 7-10k that’s probably more suited to a fast double-kick style metal song, but here I think it might be adding to the sense of “disconnection” between the kick and bass.

Nice job so far!

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thanks for your comment… I agree the kick I pull too much transient and boost around 7k… cheers mate !

This is a really nice and well-balanced mix!

FWIW: I agree with the others here that perhaps the kick is a bit too clicky for the genre, but I don’t think excessively so. Much better than having it too flabby/loose or indistinct!

I think the lead vocal could stand to “stand out” a bit more – I’m not sure it needs to be louder (it seems to sit in the mix well) but it doesn’t quite command my focus as much as I’d like it to do. A little bit of top end lift might work, but adding harmonic content (using some type of exciter) might work better. If you have Noveltech Vocal Enhancer, or a compressor plugin that adds some “edge” or “bite,” you might give that a try on the voice.

Finally, if you listen closely to the provided reference mix, there are some really cool edits to the guitars in the first verse that really add interest and impact. In fact, there are a few details throughout the song (mostly in the verses) that you have to listen closely for in the reference, but they are really cool and add a lot to the dynamics of the song, I think. You might want to listen to the reference and consider trying some of them. Along those lines, the vocal ad-lib at the end of the song is cut from the reference mix, so leaving it in is a strong choice. I like it, though!

That said, I’m nitpicking here – it really is a great mix!


Thanks sam for your input…

Here’s the revision…

Added vocal harmonic content,
volume automation on guitar and drums for more impact
Adeded Fx such as delay and distortion on the last chorus

The transient just doesn’t work on this kick drum… sounds fuller without transient

what do you guys think of my mixes?