Preparing the tracks for mixing

Hello people!

I wrote a short article on my blog on how to prepare the tracks that are to be sent to a mixing engineer. I was wondering if you could give me some feedback. Am I missing something? Am I wrong?

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Hey Lukas, can you put the link in for your blog?

Oh, sorry. I forgot :slight_smile:

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Looks good. You could also add:

  • render any software instruments/sounds down to audio
  • some information about reference songs and rough mixes
  • give the tempo of the song (a midi tempo track if the song changes tempos)
  • give the key of the song
  • Info about the sample rate and bit depth the song was recorded at
  • a copy of the lyrics is often handy
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Nice, thanks!

I’ll add that to the post.

Thank you again,


You could add:

I would automate clip levels to even each one out and avoid spikes.

Output each track out to a sensible level. If some tracks are recorded at 0db and others at -20db the mix is more difficult.

Good point. I’ll put this as a nice to have. There are people that only know how to record. What is a must is that there shall be no clipping.



Just a question, Should you state a reletive level for the tracks being sent to you (or any ME)? Kind of the vein of what AJ was saying, but there are some that mix into a limiter and add loudness in the master fader. This may be covered in your section of “turning all effects off”.

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Looks like it’s coming along nicely! When it is ready to go, I could also post this on our articles page if you like. Let me know!

Of course! Read it and if you think that it is ok, we can use it. Many would benefit from it.

I wrote also one for preparing for mastering and preparing for recording session. Maybe we can post those also. I’ll create a topic for each of them.


In the “Edit your tracks” paragraph, you misspelled bass guitar.

Fixed. Thanks!

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